Navigate Disruption

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair

This is a site to help people, families, organizations, and businesses to counter fear.  At its heart, this is about navigating disruption – because it is in disruption where much of our fear can turn up.

Here’s the thing:  stuff is going to happen.  Stuff we don’t expect.  Stuff we don’t want.  Stuff we do want, but maybe aren’t ready for.  Or stuff we want to make happen – and need help doing.

Opportunity.  Risk.  Instability.  New jobs.  Car accidents.  Power outages.  New kids.  Broken limbs.  Crazy political developments.  Gifts.  New ventures.  Disasters.  Cyber attacks.  Nausea.  Fear.  Active shooters.  Unexpected blessings.  Leaps we take.  Causes we champion.  Roles we take.  Offices we run for.

The mission here is to help you navigate disruption, to create it when it's needed, and to amplify disruption when it's time for that.

We live in a complex world, and it’s going to keep getting more complicated.  Disruption comes in many forms – in chaos, in politics, in change, in evolution, in the unexpected, in help from others, in instability, in windfalls, in technology, in social media, and in emergencies and crises.  It may be in a job change, a cause, an action, a shift in a relationship, a business shift, a move.  In working for a cause.  In trying something new.

It’s possible to successfully navigate these disruptions – even the huge ones.  Every situation is different, yet we can find a way forward in a challenging world.  This entire operation is built to help navigate disruption.  We can find a way through – there is always a way through.  We can even help our families and our organizations find ways forward – or do it together.

Disruption can be about the world we want to create.  We may need to create disruption to make a much-needed change, or a whole lot of much-needed change.  Disruption can help us evolve our lives, our projects, our work, our causes, our businesses, and our communities.  It can help us evolve our politics, our economies, our technology, and our countries.

Amplifying disruption helps us scale changes we are working on.  Amplifying disruption helps us spread an idea, plant seeds, get coverage, draw attention, get funding, start conversations, or raise a bigger ruckus.  Amplifying disruption can create or spread movements and help us find or build our tribe.  It can create community.  It helps us do more, and to find people to help us make a difference. is helping people and organizations with:

This organization is set up to help YOU - including lots of free tools and resources.  Here are more things:

  • 25 Focus Areas:  These serve as a framework for countering fear and navigating disruption.  Each has its own page with resources and tools.  The Focus Areas are a framework to help you with this process on your own, or to help us navigate this process together through coaching or other work.
  • Coaching:  Working with a coach can help you counter fear and navigate disruption.  Inclusive Pricing makes coaching available to people – and organizations – who may not normally consider it.  We can move this world forward – and we can do it together.
  • Consulting:  Consulting services are available for business, organizations, and communities.
  • Free Counterfear Tools as Blog Posts:  Each tool helps with some specific thing, or with a number of things as relevant to the blog post.  Many more of these to come – the blog is constantly expanding.
  • A Free Resource Collection:  Links to resources for all of the Focus Areas as well as other topics related to navigating disruption.  These are sortable by topic, and they include everything from books to music to resilience to the inspirational.
  • The Blog:  A blog with posts covering all sorts of relevant topics, including current major disruptions such as disasters and also stuff for everyday life.
  • Social Media:  Counterfear is on Facebook, Twitter, and Medium… where more resources, links, and conversation happen as the world unfolds, sometimes in real time.
  • A Free Toolbox:  All of the tools and resources listed above, available for anyone to use anytime.

Contact Us to arrange coaching/consulting sessions, or to schedule a free consultation to see if this is a good fit.  Email is at, or call (202) 556-0317.

Sign up for coaching sessions with this form here, or for a free coaching consultation with this form.  Check out the Services & Inclusive Pricing page for more.

Holler any time.  Let's make things happen.


“There are some people who live in a dream world, and then there are some who face reality; and then then there are those who turn one into the other.” – Douglas Everett

“Luck favors the prepared.” – Edna Mode, “E,” in the movie The Incredibles