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We Need Resilience.  Counterfear is About That.

What is resilience?  Resilience is our ability to bounce back.  To take a hit.  To maintain flexibility, even under extreme circumstances. 

The reality in the world is that stuff is going to happen.  We don't know what it is yet, but we know that living on this planet always brings "challenges."  When we are resilient, we can better deal with them. 

We can live in fear.  We can bank on security.  But here's the thing:  security is never guaranteed.  It's not always going to work.  And, you can't secure yourself against everything in the world.  You can't secure your family against everything.  You can't secure your company against everything.  It just isn't realistic.  Plus, you would need a heck of a budget.

When you build resilience, it works across the board.  The reality is that we're going to have to take hits now and then.  Whether it's an unexpected broken leg, a financial crisis, a car accident, a job change, a health issue, an active shooter, a flood, bad grades, the economy, an election, an attack, the flu, family trouble, friends in need, or some thing we haven't thought of yet, we can be sure of one thing...

Something will happen.

We can be afraid of it.

Or we can be more ready for it.

Counterfear is about being ready.  Living deeply... while building strength, capacity, and courage.

We counter fear by creating vision, facing risk, solving problems, and building resilience.  Then we learn and grow and evolve, and build more resilience.  And then... no doubt we'll have an opportunity for more.  So we keep doing it.  We fight.  We strive.  We build.  We evolve.  That's how we get it done. 

We thrive.  

We can Imagine and create lives, families, organizations, and communities where we can be resilient - and even flourish - in the complexity of today. 

If you are ready for change, check out our Services page, or the free tools below.  Counterfear LLC offers consulting and coaching on resilience and the counterfear process.  Sign up for a program, get some coaching, or bring these tools to your business or organization.  Contact Us if you need help, have questions, or have ideas.  We’d love to hear!

Counterfear is about helping you with all of the parts of the counterfear process.  Or, even just some of the parts.  The goal here is to help us make a shift.

Why do we counter fear?

Because when we do, the world changes.  Whether it is a tiny piece of the world or something on scale, we make a shift.  We cause a ripple.  Waves reverberate.

We move the world forward.


Counterfear Tools

Counterfear is both an idea and a service.

Check out The Counterfear Toolbox for tools and resources to help you start countering fear right now.  New tools and resources will be added throughout 2017.

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