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Hello, and thank you for your inquiry!  It would be great to hear from you.

The form below is the most efficient way to contact Counterfear LLC.  Email and phone contact info is also provided.  You may also wish to Subscribe to "Counterfear News & Notes" to get more FREE resources, tools, and updates.


  • Consulting, speaking, and coaching services are available. 
  • Check out the Services page for the full range of options and potential.
  • It is helpful to get some detail about your interest up front, but not a worry if it is tricky to pin down.  This is part of the purpose for the Free Consultation, as noted below.
  • In-person consultation or coaching may be available in central Iowa, or around other parts of Iowa or in Minneapolis/St. Paul if travel schedules align.

Request a Free 30-minute Consultation:

  • Free initial consultations may be offered to potential clients or partners based on information received during initial communications.  Please block time in your schedule for the appointment once it is scheduled.
  • An additional short questionnaire may be sent if further information is needed prior to confirming a free consultation.
  • The consultation is offered to potential clients to allow both parties to explore the potential for working together.  This is about determining if the services match the needs, to see if personalities align, and to check out potential areas for work. 
  • This is not an actual coaching or consulting session.
  • If you are requesting a free consultation, please offer 2-3 potential dates and times at least one week out.

Workshops, Events, & Speaking Engagements: 

  • If you have questions about workshops or events, please note the specific event by city and state when possible. 
  • The Services section has more detail on setting up speaking engagements, or tailoring workshops, retreats, or other events for your organization or community.

Ideas, Tools, & Resources: 

  • Ideas and resources for The Counterfear Blog, or for The Counterfear Toolbox are welcomed, as is feedback. 
  • Credit will always be given for information that is passed along, unless you prefer it be noted as an "anonymous source."
  • Please note if permission is granted when you are passing along an idea, tool, or resource to be shared on
  • We can provide a single public link to contributor information in .addition to the resource itself, so a link to EITHER your website, public LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, etc. is useful.  Only one public contributor link will be used, so please indicate your preference. 
  • Links to inappropriate things or sources will not be included.  This site is meant to be a resource.
  • No politics. 
  • No icky stuff. 
  • If you are interested in otherwise getting involved, let us know, and provide specific details.  Also, check out the Counterfear Tribe-Building effort noted below.

Sponsors Welcome!

  • Sponsors can help take the Counterfear idea to the next level, build a tribe, or help a specific community or organization.  Get in touch to explore details. 

Partnership & Collaboration: 

  • Counterfear LLC is open to partnerships, affiliations, and collaboration with folks who are doing good stuff in the world, especially if it is in the area of connection, community, counterfear, and resilience-building. 
  • Official partners will be listed on the "Partners & Collaborators" page.

Building A Counterfear Tribe: 

  • The long-term plan is to create a space to build and amplify counterfear through a larger Counterfear Community.  Follow @CounterfearZone on Twitter to start out. 
  • Further information on this is planned for late 2016, so send in your ideas, partnership thoughts, technology platforms or preferences, and so on.
  • Please, no advertisements.  This is community-building and partnership.


  • If you have questions about LinkedIowa, a set of Counterfear-sponsored communities, please use the form below and note the specific relevance of LinkedIowa.  You may also email directly.


If you prefer to reach out by phone or email, please provide the following:

  • A clear first and last name; repeated on voice mail.
  • Contact information (indicate phone/email and preference).
  • Organization, where relevant.
  • Your general interest in consulting, coaching, events, workshops, speaking engagements, partnerships, or in contributing.
  • Indicate preference for phone or email response.
  • Indicate availability for follow-up phone calls, noting time zone.
  • Please note any urgency in the message or email.
  • Call:   (202) 556-0317.  Most calls should be returned within three working days except during heavy travel and/or major disasters. 
  • Email:

Please complete the below form to send a message. We will reply as quickly as we are able.