The Toolbox

 "We have the tools, and we have the talent!" - Winston Zeddemore, in the movie Ghostbusters

The quote is true:  we do have the tools.  And I know you have the talent.  One of the primary missions of Counterfear LLC is to provide tools and resources for you, your friends, your family, or your organization to use to counter fear.  That's what this here is about.  The Toolbox is built to cover any array of counterfear needs. 

This Toolbox is free.  Take what’s useful.  Add your own tools, and tools you borrow from others, as they work for you.  Use what resonates.  A good toolbox is adapted for the work that typically needs to get done, and only you know what that is.

You might just need a quick song, or a quote, or an idea.  Pop in here for a minute, or dive in for some counterfear immersion therapy.  Some of the tools are meant for a moment - to help calm or counter a mood, or to process or shift some emotion.  Some of the tools are provided to help with working through fear, perhaps on a deeper or longer term level.  Some are for use every day.  You can find what resonates with what you need, and there may be different things for different parts of your life.  Some tools work better for individuals, and some work well for both people and organizations.

The basic fundamental core counterfear tools, resources, and ideas are collected in two locations, in the Focus Areas page, and on the Core Resources, Ideas, & Tools page.  Other tools are either in The Toolbox, as listed below, or elsewhere on the website - also as listed below.

This is a toolbox.  Like with many construction projects - it will evolve.  The basic tools are in place, and a ton of collected material will be added in late 2017.  Links are not endorsements.  If you've got ideas to contribute, please Contact Us.

Toolbox Tools

Several "compartments" of The Toolbox are accessible either by left-side menu navigation or through a mobile device browser expandable menu available at the top of the page.  These parts include:

  • Core Resources, Ideas, & Tools:  Just what it says - blog posts and resources that are the heart and soul of countering fear.  This is a sister to the Focus Areas page.
  • Resource Collection:**  The full Counterfear Resources Collection of links and notes on books, music, videos, information, articles, and inspiration.  Sortable by tag topic.
  • Counterfear Tools (in Blog):  Blog posts written as tools to counter fear.
  • Books:  A list of the Counterfear book resources, including a few notes.
  • Music:  A list of the Counterfear music resources, with notes. 
  • Video, Movies, & TV:  A list of the Counterfear video, movie, and TV resources - with a few blurbs.

Other Counterfear Tools

These toolbox "compartments" are located elsewhere on the website:

  • Services:  The array of services offered by Counterfear LLC to provide consulting, coaching, workshops, speaking engagements, and on-site work.
  • Focus Areas: This page lists the 25 focus areas of the counterfear work.  This is a sister to the Core Resources, Ideas, & Tools.
  • The Blog:**  The Counterfear Blog posts are sortable by tag topic and also alphabetically or chronologically.  Specific Counterfear Tools (in blog) are marked by that tag.
  • Live Twitter Feed:  Real-time Tweets are posted regularly with all kinds of thoughts, articles, inspiration, and additional counterfear resources, inspiration, perspective, or relevant news.  Check out the live Twitter feed, or go to @CounterfearZone on Twitter.
  • Calendar of Events:**  Counterfear workshops and connection events will occassionally be offered, usually around the US.

Dynamic Content

** The website makes use of sortable tag topics through a Content Management System (CMS), with additional tweaks.  There are a few dynamic CMS functional pages that are searchable using tag topic buttons, including the Resource Collection, The Blog, and Events.

All website pages are dynamic in that each page can load related tagged resources, blog posts, or events for any tags designated for that page.  As an example, the Core Resources, Ideas, & Tools page shows all of the blog posts and resources with that page's tag.


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