“We offer service. Service to others. There is no higher purpose." - Socrates, in the movie Peaceful Warrior


Services Offered

The primary mission of Counterfear LLC is to help you, your organization, your family, or your business to navigate disruption, to create it, or to amplify it when it's needed. 

Disruption can be ongoing, unexpected, or needed.  The goal here is to be ready for disruption, to get through it when it happens, or to make it happen when it's time for change.

Counterfear LLC provides a range of free resources and tools built around 25 Focus Areas, in a Counterfear Toolbox that can help anyone or any organization counter fear.  Free services are made possible by the coaching and consulting work.

Counterfear LLC offers individual coaching, and coaching, consulting, workshops, and speaking engagements for organizations and businesses on:

We can build a coaching or other program that works for you - or your people - that starts in one of the zones listed above.

Services are anchored in the 25 Focus Areas.  You or your organization may be interested in one area, in a few, or in working through all of the 25 focus areas over a period of time. 

We can also build a workshop, consulting arrangement, or speaking engagement with the same building blocksAnchor and flank.

All individual services are provided at Inclusive Pricing rates below.

Information for businesses, organizations, or communities is further down the page - as is information on workshops and speaking.

Inclusive Pricing for Individual Coaching

Inclusive Pricing ranges are below.  These individual rates are variable depending on your situation.  Find the fit that works for you, now.  This model helps us to live in resonance within our means, and to be intentional and purposeful in a business interaction.

The goal of Inclusive Pricing for individuals is to adopt a business model that will maintain business solvency while also serving a wider array of clients and organizations than a flat fee facilitates.  We’ve got important work to do in the world now.  We can make more change sooner if we start sooner.  Investing in this business is investing in a company that is helping people move the world forward.  Investing in this business helps create the space for more.

Self-select the category that best reflects your current resources, then pick a price within that range that feels comfortable to you based on the descriptions.  Enter your chosen Inclusive Pricing rate on the Coaching Agreement.

  • My current resources amply exceed basic needs:  pay between $90 - $150
  • My current resources moderately exceed basic needs:  pay between $60 - $90
  • My current resources modestly exceed basic needs:  pay between $30 - $60
  • My current resources meet basic needs:  pay between $5 - $30
  • My current resources fall short of basic needs (food/shelter/clothing):  pay $0

All payment amounts remain confidential.

Check out the “Challenges & Assumptions” on the Inclusive Pricing Details page for more on how to use this model.  A blog post announcing the pricing launch with more background is here.

Sessions & Payment

You select your price for individual coaching sessions based on the time needed, regardless of your desired Focus Area(s).  Numbers listed above assume a 60-minute session.  Longer sessions can be scheduled with adjusted fees.  Sessions are by phone unless clients are local and request to meet in-person.  International sessions are via Skype or other platform.

All clients are asked to sign a simple client agreement before beginning work.  Allow extra time with your first visit for processing any paperwork at no extra charge.

Accepted payment method is via PayPal invoice, or via Paypal to  Cash is accepted for local clients upon prior agreement, with receipts provided.

Individual coaching gift certificates are available based on the Inclusive Pricing rates above.

Retainers are available for coaching and consulting.

Contact Us to arrange coaching/consulting sessions, or to schedule a free consultation to see if this is a good fit.  Email is at, or call (202) 556-0317.

Workshops & Speaking

Workshop prices and speaking engagements are negotiated per event and are available in a variety of session lengths, starting from two hours and ranging up to 3 days or a retreat.  Fee considerations include, but are not limited to:  travel expenses, type of workshop, length, facility fees, group size, and workshop materials.

Workshops and speaking engagements typically relate to the services listed above, and/or to the 25 Focus Areas.

Speaking engagements that are open to the public will be posted on the Calendar of Events.  Local speaking engagements are often free of charge, depending on the venue.

Businesses, Organizations, & Communities

Is your business ready for disruption?  How about your community?  Your non-profit?  Your political effort?

Are you leading from out in front, or are you reacting?

As with individual coaching, these same services listed above plus the 25 Focus Areas are available for businesses, organizations, and communities:

Businesses, communities, and organizations, may be interested in arranging consulting or coaching packages, programs, workshops, speaking engagements, or a retainer.  Contact Us to set up a free call to explore options and rates, or call (202) 556-0317 or email  In-person exploratory meetings are possible in central Iowa.

Disruption can come in the form of opportunity, economic shifts, politics, new funding, natural disaster, an active shooter, technology changes, budget challenges, member or employee changes, a mission shift, new missions, a service outage, other business interruptions, civil unrest, and so on.  Counterfear LLC can help you with non complicated evaluations of your organization's risk landscape, to prioritize and triage, to strategically mitigate risk, and put basic repeatable processes in place to address disruption over time.  Sometimes risk is staring us in the face, and we miss it.  For example, like being a major credit monitoring company, and completely failing to mitigate risks that are key to your business's long term viability.  You can mitigate your risk of becoming a news story and a danger to your own clients by doing exactly that:  mitigating risk.  You can lead change by creating and amplifying disruption.


I leave you with the closing words in this TEDx video with thought leader Chris McGoff... as I want this too:

"I want to meet you out here.  I want to be moved by your passion.  I want to be inspired by your moral courage, and I want to engage with you, fiercely, in the most senior conversations on the planet."

We find a way forward.  That's how we get it done. 

Thank you.

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Blog post: "Inclusive Pricing Launches October 2017"
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