The Counterfear Process


Anchor points for The Counterfear Process:

  • Assess the situation
  • Explore counterfear tools
  • Create and update vision
  • Establish and enhance connection
  • Build and expand community
  • Strengthen through resilience
  • Repeat and revisit.

In wildland firefighting, one of the basic concepts is to "anchor and flank."  The idea is that you don’t attack a wildfire head-on.  You find a safe spot, you anchor there, and you work out from that anchor along the flank of the fire.  If something goes wrong, you go back to the anchor point.

The counterfear approach is rooted in this.  You get grounded and anchored first, by exploring any fear that is creating disharmony in your life or organization.  That’s about assessing the scene.  Where are the landmines?  What is the low-hanging fruit?  What are the risks?  What tools could be applied?

We work out from there.  Sometimes we circle back.  Sometimes new fear pops up... especially as you pivot and change.  There’s some triage, which is about prioritizing. 

This isn’t about taking on all of the fear everywhere, or in your entire life, or in your whole organization.  It is about finding pain points and constrictions.  What is holding you back?  What keeps your organization from flourishing?  Why do you feel stuck?  Are you in a physical or metaphorical place associated with fear?  What is it behind that nagging feeling, or that pit in your gut?  What is the most painful thought?

The heart of countering fear is often in finding out what the fear is in the first place.  Recognition is tremendously powerful.  Getting there can be tricky, and that’s something that I can help with.

Digging in to fear is, of course, a bit scary.  Digging in to the fear is just one part of what Counterfear LLC is all about.

I would really love to help you and your organization move beyond that.  The soul of this work is in the tools.  It is in finding ways to counter fear.  We do that with vision, connection, community, and resilience.  We use The Counterfear Toolbox, and we bring in other resources as needed.  A good carpenter knows how to find the right tool for the job, and that’s part of what I do here.


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