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How to Counter Fear & Flourish:  A Workshop

The flagship Counterfear workshop is called "How to Counter Fear & Flourish."  Workshops are currently being offered around Iowa but are planned for other locations.

  • Check the Calendar of Events to find a "How to Counter Fear & Flourish," workshop near you.
  • Workshops will be 4-6 hours depending on venue and location, and will typically involve an optional group dinner following the event.
  • Workshops are designed to delve into the the counterfear process, and how to apply it in your own life and/or group.  The workshop will include tools for vision, connection, making change, and being resilient.
  • Counterfear workshops are also available in closed sessions for private organizations with negotiated rates.
  • Contact Us if you are interested in getting one of these workshops scheduled in your area and/or for your organization.


Create-a-Workshop / Create-a-Retreat

  • Create-a-Workshop or a Create-A-Retreat for your organization on any combination of the consulting elements outlined on the Services page. 
  • Workshop creation will involve several pre-workshop planning sessions as well as logistical coordination.
  • This option is open in the US in 2016 and internationally in 2017, contingent upon schedule. 
  • Create-a-Workshop typically requires a two-month minimum lead for scheduling.


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