Speaking / Events


The Counterfear Founder, Vanessa Burnett, is available for speaking engagements for a negotiated fee.  A limited number of voluntary speaking engagements are available and are dependent upon location and schedule.  If you have a group, college, school, or event that would benefit from this, please Contact Us with specifics including date and location.   

Topics for speaking engagements may include:

  • Counterfear
  • Principles of the counterfear process
  • Selected counterfear tools as appropriate for the audience
  • Any of the consulting topics outlined in Services
  • Terrorism and 9/11
  • Disasters, catastrophes, critical infrastructure, and resilience
  • Political and/or election fear
  • The power of fear itself, and large-scale counterfear tools.

Counterfear LLC is open to exploring other partnerships for events, joint events, or sponsorships for events to increase their availability.  Contact Us if you would like to set up a free 30-minute exploratory conference call.


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