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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

The Counterfear Blog is a piece of the heart and soul of this website, and of the counterfear idea.  I do not promise brevity.  I am learning, though.  One thing about having a website of your very own is that you get to practice writing.  Quite a lot.  It is a work in progress. 

Here's my first-ever blog post, if you would like to see the starting point.  Not only does it address what in the heck "counterfear" means, it's also got valuable commentary on the word "blog" itself.

Seth Godin is my favourite blog writer. His posts are amazing, and short; amazingly short. This January, he posted one called “All my best posts are the posts I haven't written.”  Like Seth, I have years of ideas - some written down, and some not.  Unlike Seth, I’ve just started publishing mine.  Hopefully the best are coming.

I will say up front is that this is a leap for me - one of my own exercises in countering fear.  I made a choice for many years to work for the government, and to maintain a clearance.  Years of op-sec (operational security) training told me that you don’t tell the world who you are.  You keep that quiet.

Well, I’m done keeping quiet.  I do intend to speak with integrity, and respect.  My story will unfold, but this blog is also meant to be a toolbox, and an amplifier.  This is a place for all kinds of stories.  For sharing, for ideas, for perspective, for philosophy, and for brainstorming. 

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