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"We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it." - President Barack Obama, September 9, 2009

We're here to see risk, provide or help find tools to address it, and to help navigate disruption - pandemic or otherwise. 

We provide tools, resources, and services for people and organizations to be resilient, to make change, and to counter fear.  We get there by anchoring, strengthening, facing our fear, growing vision, building connection, and taking action.  

Our focus has mostly shifted to Shifting the Country.  It's about fostering civic engagement at scale to help make shift happen in this unprecedented disruption + transformation.

Overall, the goal on this site is to help people and organizations help each other through this long-term COVID-19 crisis, to help hold society together while we're doing it, to get voters engaged in all that, and to make transformation along the way... so that we can thrive and flourish on the other side.  Alert readers may note that that's the same mission as the one in the Shift the Country - White Paper.

There's plenty to do in a massive global catastrophe, but it's overwhelming, too.  We've been getting ready for something like this for a lifetime (more on the transformation and knowing a catastrophe would be bad), and we can help you chart and evolve your own path forward.  To find what resonates.  There's transformation to be had here - in all of the realms, sectors, and corners of the world; it's going to take some doing to make it happen.  We can help.

The counterfear website and content is geared for the US; the principles and concepts can work anywhere.  Our work is funded through contributions and some consulting and coaching clients; links are below to help out or join in.

Our Work

Our work is anchored in service:

  • Counterfear.com is jointly operated.
  • Shift the Country is civic engagement to make shift happen, & to spread it like a virus with a 5-part strategy.  Shift the Country is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit social good organization.  White paper here with more.
  • Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC (dba Counterfear LLC) is a business with a mission to do social good, through coaching & consulting services, with inclusive pricing - here to help you and your organizations.  Plus this is part of how we fund the other stuff here. 
  • 25 Focus Areas - for deeper dives into countering fear and making shift happen.
  • The Toolbox - tools and resources to get it done.
  • The Blog - tools, tough truth, and perspective.
  • Core Resources, Ideas, & Tools - our own anchor points and foundation stuff.
  • Events - conference calls & online workshops to help us find our way through.

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