How to Counter Fear & Flourish: Prairiewoods Retreat Center near Cedar Rapids

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Are you looking for a different angle?  Perhaps a change in your life?  Do you suspect - or know - that fear is putting up roadblocks you'd like to move past?  

Do you just want to live with less fear... in a world where it's pervasive?

Are you ready to flourish?


This workshop may be the place for you.  We live in a challenging world, and we're surrounded by fear - for so many reasons.  But the world is so much more than that:  we don't need to live in the shade of fear.  We can walk out into the sun.  We can thrive.

In an afternoon at the beautiful Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center, we'll go through the basics of the Counterfear process.  You can use this process in any part of your life - including at home, at work, or in your volunteer activities.  Maybe you want to change some of the aspects of your life, or your corner of the world.  Maybe you're after a whole transformation.  Either way, this workshop is an affordable and efficient way to dig into tools that can help you start making a shift.  

This is about sorting out fear, creating vision, assessing reality, finding and building anchors, working out from there... and keeping it moving.  Making change is a process.  This workshop will give you some tools to handle fear that surfaces along the way, too, so you can keep moving forward.

The idea is that you will come away with a fresh perspective, and some new ideas about how to go after what you want.  You may even come away with a whole plan.  Even better:  some weight off your shoulders.  We'll walk through some of the tough stuff so that you walk away excited, inspired, and feeling lighter.

The real goal here is to find ways to flourish, even in a challenging world.  Are you game?

Countering fear is for the courageous.  This is not work for the faint of heart, but it is the kind of work that we need to go through to get to the next thing.  It's work that helps us evolve.  This workshop gives you a way to start - with support, with tools, and also with some new connections. 

Continue the Conversation - Group Dinner

All are invited to sign up for dinner (included in combo ticket price) - just get the ticket denoting the workshop + group dinner RSVP.  


If you are interested in lodging, make reservations via Prairiewoods at  Room rates are from $50-$75 per night.


The workshop is located at the Prairiewoods Franciscan Spiritual Retreat Center, at (319) 395-6700 or  Counterfear LLC is not affiliated with Prairiewoods.

Call or TEXT Counterfear LLC with access questions, at (202) 556-0317.  Cell service may be limited.

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