FREE Way Forward Finding Workshop (Ames, IA)

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We've got big dreams - all of us. We've also got a risky world. How do we navigate that world, and make that work well for us? How do we dream big, and reach those dreams?



This is a gathering, and a workshop.

This workshop can help get you further along the path to your dreams, and also to get you through tough times, things you haven't yet imagined, holidays, crises, rough days, tight deadlines, family emergencies, or business challenges. These are tools that work for little tiny things to huge emergencies.

THE WORKSHOP IS FREE. I am offering this 4-hour workshop for free this month to plant some seeds in communities in my home state. Where it goes from here... you decide. This is my gift to you, should you choose to accept it. I only ask that you commit to attend the full 4-hour workshop, to give it your full attention while you are with us, and to cancel your ticket if you cannot come. Seating is limited to the first 30 tickets, and we will keep a waiting list if a spot opens up (select the "waiting list" ticket option if the free tickets are sold out).

How do you find your way forward, from here? How does your family? Your organization? Your community? Join us in this gathering to work together for the afternoon finding our ways forward.


We will start by talking about vision. What are your hopes and dreams? We've got big dreams... or we might need some help figuring out how to build those. We'll go over some ideas for dreaming again - or for dreaming big.

We'll talk about getting connected. We will talk about the power of connection, and how to do more of it - whether it is meeting new people, deepening existing connections, or expanding your circles.

We'll explore the value of community, and how to grow more community just for the sake of it, for support, for projects, for organizations, for causes, or for anything we want. This world is made of community. It is what we make it.

We will work on problem-solving, and way-finding. We'll go over tools and processes that work.

We'll go over the value of becoming resilient - and how we can build more resilience. When we are resilient, we are more capable of bouncing back from things that happen. We need resilience, in a risky world. We'll never become fully secure, but we can become more resilient. When we are more resilient, we are better able to handle the unexpected. You may want more resilience in your finances, your family, your business, your community, your local economy, and so on. Personal resilience brings us strength and depth when we need it the most.

We do all of this in this workshop - as a team. We explore how to do it, and perhaps you will meet some new folks that you can do some Way Forward Finding with in the future.

Hope to see you there!


This workshop is being offered for free by Counterfear LLC in December in Iowa. Donations are appreciated to cover expenses for travel and room rental, as well as the time and effort to put the course together.


This is a working workshop! Dress in what you are comfortable in, and feel free to bring your big ideas, lunch, snacks, caffeine, or whatever helps you create, shift, and build. Please plan to attend the entire session. Class is limited to 30 participants.

Consider joining the group for more connection and dinner on your own after the event. We'll meet at 6 pm at a restaurant nearby.

The Ames location will be announced closer to the date. If you are interested in hosting, contact us.

For questions, email, or call (202) 556-0317. 

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