TL;DR - How Do We Shift the Country?

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Join the inaugural Shift the Country conference call workshop to hear how we're growing a movement, and how you can help.  The proposal for how to make that happen is published here: Proposal to Shift the Country.

TL;DR? Too Long ; Didn't Read?  Then join us for the kick-off call and get the scoop.

This will be a 90-minute conference call / no video. Half the time will be presentation, half discussion. Informal call. Zoom is the platform.

Shift the Country events are intended to be inclusive. Fees or contributions are for those who can afford them; tickets fund staff to make this work possible - and also accessible. That's how we get it done.

Ticket type sold out?  Email us at if you would like to find a way to attend.

8 Eastern / 7 Central / 6 Mountain / 5 Pacific


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