Inclusive Pricing for Coaching

 "We're here to put a dent in the universe.  Otherwise why else even be here?" - Steve Jobs

Thinking About Getting Life Coaching? 

The mission at is to help folks make change, to build resilience, and to navigate challenges and disruption.  We get to a better world by working together, and by helping each other be more effective at what we can each bring to it.  The idea here is to make this work accessible for anyone who wants to be a universe-denter.  We can all do it.

Coaching may be the thing you are looking for to take things to the next level.  The Services page gets into the different areas where coaching is available.

Contact us or call (202) 556-0317 to get started or to set up a free 30-minute consultation to see if coaching would be a fit.  We can chat a bit, look at your goals, and go over any questions.

Why Inclusive Pricing

Inclusive pricing ranges are below.  These individual rates are variable depending on your situation.  Find the fit that works for you, now.  This model helps us to live in resonance within our means, and to be intentional and purposeful in a business interaction.

The goal of inclusive pricing is to adopt a business model that will maintain business solvency while also serving a wider array of clients and organizations than a flat fee facilitates. 

We’ve got important work to do in the world now.  We can make more change sooner if we start sooner.  Spending money at Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC is investing in a company that is helping people move the world forward, and it helps create the space for more.

Self-Select The Coaching Rate

Self-select the 60-minute coaching rate category that best reflects your current resources, then pick a price within that range that feels comfortable to you based on the descriptions. 

Enter your chosen inclusive pricing rate on the coaching agreement, or confirm it via email.

  • My current resources amply exceed basic needs:  pay between $90 - $150
  • My current resources moderately exceed basic needs:  pay between $60 - $90
  • My current resources modestly exceed basic needs:  pay between $30 - $60
  • My current resources meet basic needs:  pay between $5 - $30
  • My current resources fall short of basic needs (food/shelter/clothing):  pay $0

All payment amounts remain confidential.

Check out the “Rate Challenges & Assumptions” section below for more on how to use this model.  A blog post announcing the pricing launch with more background is here

Rate Challenges & Assumptions

What is the value proposition for the work you want to do together?

Inclusive pricing is different from a sliding scale in that it is based on your assessment of your situation and means. 

It is based on assumptions and challenges:


  • One person’s well-being benefits everyone.
  • People will want to invest in themselves and each other.
  • The benefits of Inclusive Pricing outweigh the cost differentials.  Balance happens in the whole.
  • Payment categories are fluid.  The same client may choose different fee amounts, as needed, to reflect circumstances.
  • Business interactions are intentional and purposeful, and that all involved act within their integrity.
  • All involved in a business interaction make a commitment to the success of the arrangement.
  • Grateful hearts and generous spirits will come together to create a circle of healing as we embrace our own humanity and evolve it forward.


  • “Bargain Hunting:”  It is easy to get caught up in the consumer loop of equating the best deal with the lowest price.  Yet the best deal can reach beyond the individual gain of saving a few dollars.  Like Fair Trade purchasing, Inclusive Pricing actively supports a small business owner’s livelihood, other clients, and others being served by the available resources, tools, and The Toolbox.
  • “Why should I pay more for the same services?”  Perhaps the question is… why would a professional charge less for the same service?  Coaches and consultants may charge high flat rates for various and understandable reasons.  While my skills and experience are similar to others - yet unique - generating maximum profit or an exclusive clientele is not the goal here.  We are all in this together.  If you are so blessed as to have the ability to pay more, you are investing in a business that is actively creating a more fair and just world.  You are participating in the advent of a new business model with revolutionary potential ( << plus this part is super cool).
  • “I don’t feel good about needing to pay less:”   There are other ways to complete the healing circle and to counter fear outside of your session.  Try out some of the free tools so that you can hold space for others.  Anchor and flank.  Foster community.  Know and learn and train and teach.  Be intentional and purposeful.  Take action.  Build resilience.  Build and support thriving institutions.  Cultivate creativity and entrepreneurialism (links coming).  In the spirit of bartering, engage in formal or information community service.  Volunteer your time at a food cupboard, clothing closet, or food kitchen, visit a shut-in, help a neighbor with yard work, pick up trash in a local park, or some other worthwhile venture.  There are infinite ways to extend your influence to help others.  Be the change, or advocate and amplify what you bring to the work (links coming).
  • “I’m uncomfortable choosing my own price:”  It is a novel request to think in terms of personal resources and ability to pay.  The idea is for you to feel good about the price of your session, regardless of where you fall on the payment scale.  If it feels like too much, give less.  If it feels like not enough, give more.  Live in resonance (link coming).  No judgment, expectations, or assumptions.  I’m confident you can come up with a price that feels just right for you.

A Revolutionary Business Model

This iinclusive pricing model is adapted from Deborah Kline at Wellspring Wellness in Ames, Iowa.  As Deb says, “You are participating in the advent of a new business model with revolutionary potential.”  There is a blog post on inclusive pricing with background about why this is offered.

Join us as we create and build conscious businesses for an evolving humanity.

Sessions & Payment

You select your price for individual coaching sessions based on the time needed.  Numbers listed above assume a 60-minute session.  Longer sessions can be scheduled with adjusted fees.  Sessions are remote at this time.  International sessions are via Skype or other platform.

All clients are asked to sign a simple client agreement (via email) before beginning work.  Allow extra time with your first visit for processing any paperwork at no extra charge.

Accepted payment method is via PayPal invoice, or via Paypal.  Other arrangements are possible if agreed upon prior to sessions. 

Coaching gift certificates are available at inclusive pricing rates.

Retainers are available for coaching and consulting.

Contact us or call (202) 556-0317 to arrange for coaching sessions, or to set up a free 30-minute consultation to see if coaching is a good fit for both of us. 

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