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Two things going on -

  1. We're Shifting the Country via our new nonprofit of the same name, and
  2. We also do coaching and consulting under the nonprofit, or under Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC as fits.

If you're interested in coaching/consulting, use one of the channels below to set up a free 30-minute consultation.  Check out the Inclusive Pricing page for more on coaching rates.

We do speaking engagements, webinars, online conferences, and other work.  And we do partnerships, collaboration, big thinking, crazy ideas, and huge, ridiculous projects.

And we love feedback on broadcasts, tools, resources, the toolbox, blog posts, etc.

If you've got a Shift the Country story that you might like us to share, holler.

Find us here:

  • Email:  team at shiftthecountry dot com -- or use the contact submission form below
  • Office:  (202) 556-0317

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