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Hello!  Most of the work here is currently focused on Shifting the Country via our new nonprofit of the same name.

We're working on a vehicle to help do storytelling at scale to make some shift happen.  Let us know if you've got one or several we might be able to help you tell.

We appreciate feedback on broadcasts, tools, resources, the toolbox, blog posts, etc.  We're on social media here...  Facebook:  Shift the Country or Counterfear.  Twitter:  @ShiftTheCountry or @CounterfearZone.

We cover a range of services, including coaching at inclusive pricing rates.  Plus webinars, workshops, panels, online conferences, and interviews.  Also open to partnerships, collaboration, big thinking, synergy, crazy ideas, and huge, ridiculous projects.

Please complete the below form to send a message. We will reply as quickly as we are able.