Tool: Counter Fear

Embrace Humanity But Take Risk Seriously While Taking Action

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Overview Blurb

Embrace Humanity But Take Risk Seriously While Taking Action.

The ability to counter fear is one key to getting through this intense, challenging time in the US.  It is a strength and an amplifier.  There are a ton of ways to do it.  Assess the ever-changing risk landscape.  Take action to mitigate risk as possible or appropriate.  Refine skills to de-escalate, de-fuse, diffuse, and disarm situations.  Use humor, solidarity, unity, and spectacle to counter fear, to raise a ruckus, and to de-fuse/diffuse tension and hate.  Hold perspective; keep the faith; step back from high-stress situations or news; take breaks or time-outs.  Maintain awareness of emotional states, stress levels, and stretched levels of resilience.  Follow priorities and plans.  Get grounded and anchored.  Find strength, resilience, and resolve in your principles and values.  Build resilience – especially personal, financial, family, health, and mental health resilience.   Don’t panic.  Grow community, teamwork, and connection.  Love.

This tool is part of the 5-part Shift the Country strategy.

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Normally with the 15 tools for doing helpful things we'd have a page on each tool so you could find out more about that particular tool and how to use it. 

In this case, the entire website is called "counterfear."  The entire site was designed to help counter fear.  Tools to counter fear are collected specifically in a few key places.

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Be safe out there.  Try not to get dead.  And light it up.


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