Raise A Ruckus

Create Spectacle.  Drive the Public Agenda.  Drive the Narrative. 

Help grow this shift at Patreon or GoFundMe.  This is one of 15 tools for doing helpful things and one part of the 5-part Shift the Country strategy.

Overview Blurb

Drive The Narrative.  Drive The Public Agenda.  Create Spectacle.

Attention and pressure on urgent and high-priority needs and issues can drive public agendas for government focus and action – from the local to the national level.  It can help drive transformative public action, too.  Agendas tie to funding, laws, policies, paradigms, stakes, values, public health action, etc.  People can create pandemic-safe ruckus, spectacle, fuss, attention, and buzz that draws interest, drives the narrative, and drives the agenda.  People are creative; they will find ways.  People can tell the stories of governments, elected officials, and businesses that are hurting them, or hurting their chances at staying alive.  People can create viral content (summary on this and tool on this).  People can share and amplify each other’s stories.  People can build more and bigger coalitions, have community conversations and counter fear.  People can get media coverage on all of this ruckus; on how people everywhere are doing a groundswell of helpful things.  People can demand that local, state, and federal governments do the jobs they are supposed to be doing – now.  People can demand that businesses help strengthen democracy, strengthen communities, follow public health measures, take care of their employees, demonstrate civic responsibility, and demonstrate media and science literacy.  People can support businesses that do, and drive positive attention their way.  People can raise a fuss about businesses that don’t; and shine a light on those businesses funding candidates that aren’t helping us survive, or on businesses funding media that spreads misinformation.  Shift the Country can amplify all of this ruckus as we get funded.  Our community and followers can, too – that’s the next tool.


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Details on how to use this and the other 15 civic engagement tools are under construction as we're a brand-new nonprofit, created in the summer of 2020 to deal with multiple crises in the US.  More information on this tool is coming ASAP!
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MORE RELATED STUFF IS BELOW.  PATREON and GOFUNDME support help us make more shift happen faster.  Tagged resources below have more examples & stories for this tool.  This framework here has flexible ways to use the 15 tools and to mix + match them with the 10 structural areas.  Help us share this stuff everywhere with everyone you know & totally raise an absolute ruckus.  Thank you.  Good luck.

tool - raise a ruckus
VIDEO: Community Conversations (A Tool)

Having "Community Conversations" is one of the core of the 15 civic engagement tools that can help Shift the Country. These conversations can be online or in-person or both, & single events or a series. They can help us with solving problems & building resilience where we are - like for the pandemic - and also things like re-imagining public safety and racial justice. 9/3/2020. This video is tied to several Shift the Country tools because it relates to several of them - and it is a key tool for doing civic engagement, if not made more challenging by the pandemic.  Still, there are ways to make it work, to solve community problems, to drive community agendas, and to help people help each other through.

VIDEO: Creating Tipping Points (Tool)

This is on how to deliberately create tipping points - or how to deliberately make something "go viral" either online or in the real world. Creating tipping points & leveraging social networks to do it is one of the 15 Civic Engagement Tools that help us make shift happen. It's also one of the 5 parts of our strategy to Shift the Country.  Our "tipping points" tool online is here.  This video is on the founder's wall on Facebook here. August 6, 2020.

VIDEO: How Do We Hold US Through The Inauguration?

So the US President isn't willing to commit to a peaceful transition of power. Now what? We have options for everyday actions. It's more than voting, and it's more than protesting. Check this out to find out more (also we do know how to spell - major typo in the video chyron though). 9/24/20. This video was livestreamed to our Shift the Country FB Page as well.

VIDEO: How Taking Care of People Can Help Save US

We can counter the individualism damaging the health and well-being of this country by looking after each other. Caring about people. Celebrating community. Having compassion. Embracing humanity. Anchoring in connection and community. Doing that can help make shift happen, too. This was originally broadcast on the Shift the Country Facebook page on August 15, 2020.

VIDEO: These 6 Months Are The Fight Of Our Lives

We're in some stuff. This one is on the 5 main parts of the risk landscape in front of us between now and February - through the election and transition of administrations. Plus - how do we survive? August 30, 2020.  The 5 main parts of the risk landscape include 1) the out of control coronavirus pandemic (and complex system interruptions and related cascading effects); 2) emerging authoritarianism in the US; 3) the influence of a growing nationalist oligarchy on destabilization in the US; 4) an information war with many fronts; 5) the election and transition of power. This also gets into the 5-part Shift the Country strategy to help us get through these next months.