Building Economic & Community Resilience

We are in a time of major change in this country, driven in part by economic factors.  Those economic factors affect our communities.  The world has changed – we have a more horizontal economy rather than a vertical one.

We can’t go backward from that change – but we can navigate it.  We can make change, too.  The Shift the Country work is about that - and heavily anchored in building economic and community resilience.

Cities have complex and ever-changing economies.  Rural economies are struggling.  Communities with manufacturing and mining histories have abandoned property.  People leave “home” for better opportunities.  Global trade and global commerce are drivers.  Federal or state funding could realistically shift or disappear – money that helps with economic development and community programs and incentives.

We need innovation and problem-solving.  We want a resilient economy, and resilient communities.  We can build local and regional resilience by working with people we know or can meet – our own neighbors and communities and neighbor communities.  When we are resilient, we are better able to bounce back from disruption.

Why is this a thing?  Because we need it.  The world will continue to become more challenging and complex.  When we have resilience, our communities, businesses, and institutions are better able to face those challenges.

Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC offers services to business, communities, organizations, and individuals to build economic and community resilience.  This includes a range from facilitating entrepreneurialism to innovation to economic development to disaster resilience to continuity of business.  We can run businesses online.  We can come up with new ways of doing things.  We create and build and evolve.

We can do this work through partnership, alliances, cooperation, innovation, ideas, vision, discussion, risk management, and pluralism.  We can support resilient infrastructure, thriving institutions, and public private partnerships.

This is about the world we want to build.

We have big problems to solve.  We can find ways forward that work for our businesses, our institutions, and our communities.  The Shift the Country work is about exactly that.  Anyone can get involved, help fund it, help amplify it, dig into the work, and help us grow the movement.

Contact Us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to explore doing this kind of work where you are.  Email also works at, or call (202) 556-0317.

Check out the Focus Area pages below for free resources and tools to build economic and community resilience:

We navigate disruption - when we see the risk landscape, and actively and aggressively chart our own paths through it.  WE bring vision, solutions, confidence, teamwork, and knowledge.

"That's how WE get it done." - Michonne, in The Walking Dead

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