Disasters, Catastrophes, Resilience, & Continuity


We can help you or your organization find your way through the challenges of the time that's now - through whichever organization of ours fits. 

We do consulting and coaching for emergencies, disasters, crises, planning for the same, incident management, wildfire, this pandemic, and other disaster management areas.  We do resilience-building especially for disaster, community, and economic resilience.  We have continuity experience in continuity of business (COB), continuity of operations programs (COOP), and continuity of government (COG).  We're also doing nonprofit work to help people and organizations get through this moment, with multiple simultaneous crises.

Considering that there's a worldwide pandemic hitting the US particularly hard and other related crises going along with that, that's pretty much what we're doing overall these days here at counterfear.com - in both our consulting business and in our nonprofit.

Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC does more traditional consulting in these areas, although much of what's happening in the US is unprecedented.  Still, it's not completely unexpected, and the founder here spent years getting ready for something like this kind of catastrophe.  There are blog posts on some of that experience if interested.

The nonprofit, Shift the Country, was totally created for this moment in time; founded in July 2020.  It's set up to help people and organizations help people help each other through, to help get voters engaged, to help hold civil society together in the US, and to help us make transformation along the way.  We do tailored training, coaching, and workshops for organzations, activists, and campaigns to help.

Contact Us to arrange consulting sessions, or to schedule a free consultation to see if this is a good fit, or call (202) 556-0317.  All work is remote at this time.

Disaster, Catastrophe, Crisis, Emergency, Resilience, & Continuity Experience

Quick summary of areas of experience:  Emergency notification systems; emergency management planning; preparedness mitigation; wildland fire management and prevention; pandemic planning; animal disease outbreak response; mutual aid systems, SOPs, agreements, and technologies; Incident Command System (ICS); Multi-Agency Coordination Systems (MACS); communications interoperability; standards and standards development; public private partnerships; collaboration and coordination; National Incident Management System (NIMS); continuity of business; continuity of operations / continuity of government (COOP/COG); critical infrastructure protection and resilience; credentialing for first responders and/or critical infrastructure owners/operators; homeland security; public information systems; Joint Information Centers (JICs); public information officer (PIO); geospatial information systems (GIS), standards, and interoperability; and community / disaster / economic resilience.

All-hazard disaster, exercise, policy, or procedure work in:  Active shooter incidents, wildfire, prescribed fire, floods, hurricanes / typhoons, landslides, weather emergencies, volcanoes, earthquakes, animal health emergencies, epidemics/pandemic, terrorism, tornadoes, etc.

For more details on the founder's expertise and experience, check out the Founder Bio, the LinkedIn profile, or the more personal About the Founder post.

Be safe.  We get through this together.

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