Tool: Find Your Lane & Get Engaged

This is one of 15 civic engagement tools to Shift the Country.

Quick Overview: Find Your Lane & Get Engaged

Tool to help people navigate the overwhelm of disruption to determine what unique thing they can do or bring to the world to make a difference.  Assess sphere of influence, situation, risk, and resources (assets, talents, capabilities, skills, etc.).  Approaches to help people find practical, doable civic engagement work that resonates for them.  Help people/groups shift into action.

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Details on how to use this and the other 15 civic engagement tools are under construction as we're a brand-new nonprofit, created in the summer of 2020 to deal with multiple crises in the US.  More information on this tool is coming ASAP!
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More details, discussion, and examples on how to use this tool in the tagged resources below.  Some of the resources below show how you can combine the 15 civic engagement tools, and/or how they can be applied to the 10 structural areas.

Help us help you by talking about our work, sharing it around online and with the real-world connections you have, and with contributions here at Shift the Country on GoFundMe.

We also have a Services page on Finding Your Lane & Getting Engaged.

tool - find your lane & get engaged
VIDEO: Powering Through Upcoming Chaos & Loss

The world between now & the inauguration in the US is going to be like nothing we've ever seen. It's going to take everything we've got to get through it. This is a bit of how to do that. 9/25/20.