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This Website is owned and operated by Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC.

Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC is doing business as (dba) Counterfear LLC.

The Shift the Country PAC is temporarily hosted on at until it is funded to stand up an independent website.  The Shift the Country PAC is a federally authorized Super PAC.  All unique intellectual property under the Shift the Country PAC sub-domain is copyrighted, owned, and authorized by the Shift the Country PAC.

Shift the Country PAC

The Shift the Country PAC is a federal Super PAC working on the 2020 election.  Not authorized by any party, candidate, or candidate's committee.  The Shift the Country PAC is temporarily hosted on this website under a sub-domain pending fundraisingContributions may be made online, or mailed via check to Shift the Country PAC, PO Box 1093, Ames, IA  50014.  Contributions are not tax deductible, and are filed with the FEC as required.

Per the FEC, "Political committees that make only independent expenditures (Super PACs) may solicit and accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, labor organizations and other political committees. They may not accept contributions from foreign nationals, federal contractors, national banks or federally chartered corporations."

This committee intends to make independent expenditures, and consistent with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit decision in SpeechNow v. FEC, it therefore intends to raise funds in unlimited amounts.  This committee will not use those funds to make contributions, whether direct, in-kind, or via coordinated communications, to federal candidates or committees.

Intellectual Property

All original material on this website is under Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC copyright.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC is prohibited.

Excerpts, citations, and links may be used if full and clear credit is given to Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC in reference to the original content.

The Proposal to Shift the Country, published on this website here, is © Copyright Vanessa R. Burnett, Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC, April 2019.  All rights reserved.  Adoption, distribution, & use with permission only. website and logo design by Visionary in Des Moines, Iowa.  Shift the Country logo design by Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC.

Technology We Use

Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC is a company based in central Iowa, in the United States.  We support Iowa businesses when possible.  The website is hosted in Des Moines, Iowa on Visionary's Site OnCall Content Management System (CMS), customized specifically for this website with additional features.

An absurdly large collection of website domains pointing to and/or to Shift the Country are owned by Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC are managed through GoDaddy, a company with offices in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.

Payments for crowdfunding, services, and membership are collected through Fundly, Stripe, Eventbrite, and PayPal.

Team sign-ups, subscriptions, and mass mailing services are through MailChimp.

Social media accounts for Counterfear and Shift the Country are maintained on Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes on LinkedIn and Medium.

News subscriptions are in place for The New York Times and The Washington Post.


Subscription information will be maintained by Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC and its contractors and is not for sale or further distribution.  Wicked Problem Wayfinding LLC, keeps records and client conversations confidential unless specific client permission is given otherwise or as required by law.

Subscription service provider MailChimp privacy information is here, including spam and email unsubscribe details.

Privacy policies for contractors and services are posted and maintained by each entity on their website, including but not limited to Fundly, Eventbrite, Stripe, PayPal, and Memberful.

Forms & Agreements

Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC offers a 30-minute free consultation for individual coaching.  Contact Us or email to get started.  A Coaching Agreeement & Client Information Form will contain the client agreement (updated version coming soon).  Receipts will be given in person for any cash payments.