Navigating Disruption

“The only constant is change." - Heraclitus of Ephesus


We navigate disruption when we see the risk landscape, and actively and aggressively chart our own paths through it. We can bring vision, solutions, confidence, teamwork, and knowledge.

We’ve got a complex world.  All the signs are that it’s going to get more complex – not less.

We can have disruption in our own lives – or in the world around us.  Sometimes we can choose to be involved – sometimes we are impacted whether we jump in or not.

We can navigate disruption.  This website is about helping with that.  Countering fear.  Providing tools and services to find a way forward.  Looking risk squarely in the face – and figuring out how to address it, mitigate it, and work with it.  Every one of the 25 Focus Areas is about navigating disruption as well – every single one.

We can also make disruption, when it’s time for change.  We can amplify disruption any that we create too – or amplify disruption that others have championed.  We can make movements bigger. We can resist corruption.  We can hold the line with others to keep our government and our institutions functioning and serving us – the citizens.

The Shift the Country mission and strategy is all about navigating disruption, and also about creating some.

We're in a great disruption in the US.  We know this.  Even before 2020, from the “big picture” perspective, a growing world population living in high-hazard zones means we will continue to have challenges brought by more people – and more disasters.

In 2020, the US is clearly in a period of instability – which can have cascading impacts around the world.  Whether we can make it a Great Transformation remains to be seen.

We willl be better able to navigate the unknown – in the big picture and in our daily lives – when we think through some scenarios.  When we build resilience – economic resilience, community resilience, financial resilience, mental resilience, health resilience, disaster resilience.  When we look at risk and consider some ways forward.  When we find teams and solve problems.

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” - Steve Jobs

This work is not for the faint of heart.  If you are...

  • A universe-denter or an aspiring one,
  • Ready to look at risk and some tough stuff,
  • Ready to do the work,
  • Willing to create the space to do the work, and are
  • Ready to find a way forward...

….then contact us to schedule a free consultation to explore doing this kind of work where you are, or call (202) 556-0317.  Coaching session pricing is designed to make it available to all, on a range - find out more on the Coaching & Inclusive Pricing page.

We can help you, your family, your people, your business, your community, or your organization navigate disruption, create disruption, or amplify it.  As a favourite fire friend says, "lead, follow, or get out of the way."

Take a leap.

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