Political Change

Working on political change?  Working to Shift the Country, and want to increase your focus, path, or effectiveness?

We are working on deep change to shift to shift the whole country - at every level.  The major focus is on winning the US Senate and the Electoral College in 2020 - yet we need to make a shift overall.  The current administration and the republican party as a whole are a threat to our democracy, our safety, and the stability of the world order.

Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC offers political coaching and consulting for this era.

Political consulting is currently only available for individuals and activist organizations due to Shift the Country PAC work.

Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC is fixing to create disruption.  We can't make deep change doing things the way we always have.  We can change campaign culture; we can add to the approach.  To help candidates and campaigns run on foundations of empathy, integrity, facts, science, intersectionality, accountability, connection, strength, courage, vulnerability, effectiveness, resonance, and vision for the world we want to create.  To help candidates and campaigns get anchored and grounded, to find ways forward, and then to hold the line and amplify their message through the election itself.

Political consulting with Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC can help activists & organizations find a way forward in advocating for a social contract that works.  To advocate for a strong opposition agenda, which is critically needed during a time when the perception of broken social contracts have led to political chaos in Washington, DC.

We help people and organizations:

  • Navigate economic shifts that political parties are not currently addressing effectively
  • Cultivate creativity, entrepreurialism, & innovation
  • Embrace science, knowledge, education, & technology
  • Advocate for critical thinking and practical problem-solving
  • With diplomacy, understanding collaboration, & building effective partnerships
  • With intelligence- & risk-based homeland security strategies
  • With messaging & action on fiscal responsibility
  • Build & maintain thriving institutions that we want & need
  • Build resilient societies, communities, & economies
  • Facilitate infrastructure functionality, continuity, & resilience
  • Address climate change and environmental & resource risks/realities on a finite planet
  • Embrace intersectionality, community, connection, & humanity itself
  • Use messaging & language based on research identified in the Proposal to Shift the Country
  • Use amplifiers and tipping points to win.

For reference, this page has a collection of political blog posts and resources tagged "opposition & resistance."

Contact Us to set up a call or meeting to explore options, or email info@counterfear.com, or call (202) 556-0317.


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