We don't do traditional campaigning.  We're not traditional campaign managers, and we're not heavily seasoned political operatives.

We're problem-solvers, analysts, and gap-fillers.  We assess the scene and see what's needed; what's missing; what we could do.  We see potential.  We see science.  We see analysis.  We see threats.  We definitely see disaster.

If you're looking for something atypical, this might be the perfect fit.  For 2020, we need everyone on their A-Game: their Asymmetrical Game. 

We help bring it.

Politics has turned on its head since 2016, and especially since the pandemic roared onto the scene. 

We've got ideas and a strategy for engaging voters that any campaign or advocacy group could put to use - since so much of traditional campaigning is out the window (or should be) in a pandemic.

We've got real and serious alternatives to getting voters engaged in ways that are beyond traditional campaigning and phone canvassing. 

It's also voter engagement activity that can help us help people help each other through, help get voters engaged, help hold civil society together in the US, and help us make transformation along the way.

The nonprofit, Shift the Country, was totally created to do this work; founded in July 2020.

We do tailored training, coaching, and workshops for organzations, activists, and campaigns to help.

Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC also offers political coaching and consulting for this era, based on the Shift the Country principles and strategy.

Basically, we do coaching and consulting in these areas under whichever organizational umbrella best fits your organization.

Contact Us to set up a virtual meeting to explore options, or call (202) 556-0317.  All work is remote.

For reference, here's an "Opposition & Resistance Collection" for this website.  At counterfear.com, we're working on deep change to Shift the Country - at every level.  The current administration - and the Republican party as a whole - are a threat to our democracy, our safety, our survival, and the stability of the world order.

Political Focus

We can't make deep change doing things the way we always have.  We can change campaign culture; we can shift the approach.  Due to the pandemic, we actually have to - operationally.  And that's the beauty of what's in the Shift the Country civic engagement strategy.

We can do so much more - even in addition to that.

We can help candidates and campaigns run on foundations of empathy, integrity, facts, science, intersectionality, accountability, connection, strength, courage, vulnerability, effectiveness, resonance, and vision for the world we want to create. 

We can help candidates and campaigns get anchored and grounded, to find ways forward, and then to hold the line and amplify their message through the election itself.

We help people, candidates, activists, campaigns, and organizations:

  • Speak effectively and in actually helpful ways about science, the pandemic, how to respond effectively, and what we should and could be doing in terms of the disaster.
  • Navigate economic shifts, equity issues, wealth disparity, and small business closures that political parties are not currently addressing effectively or loudly, especially in this time of crisis.
  • Cultivate creativity, entrepreurialism, & innovation - especially during this time of disruption.  We could be doing so much solution-finding.
  • Embrace science, knowledge, education, & technology.
  • Advocate for and demonstrate critical thinking and practical problem-solving.
  • Advocate for and demonstrate diplomacy, understanding collaboration, & building effective partnerships.
  • Speak effectively on national security, intelligence community, and homeland security strategies - and corresponding risk and risk mitigation.
  • Speak to fiscal responsibility and pending pandemic fiscal challenges.
  • Speak to pandemic- and chaos-related complex system interruptions, failures, and anticipated cascading effects.
  • Talk about building maintaining thriving institutions that we want & need to help update the social contract (the perceived failure of which is part of what has led to emerging tyranny from the current Administration).
  • Talk about buildng resilient societies, communities, & economies better able to handle the kinds of chaos and disruption we are now experiencing and will be dealing with for the foreseeable future.
  • Facilitate infrastructure functionality, continuity, & resilience.
  • Address climate change and environmental & resource risks/realities on a finite planet.
  • Embrace intersectionality, inclusion, community, connection, & humanity itself.
  • Update messaging to incorporate framing and values per research on proven effectiveness.
  • Follow the Shift the Country methodology and framework to raise a ruckus, drive the narrative, and create spectacle; use amplifiers and tipping points to win.


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