Tool: Prioritize & Triage Action


This is one of 15 civic engagement tools to Shift the Country.

Quick Overview: Prioritize & Triage Action

Effective prioritization and coordination to move resources to areas with the greatest vulnerabilities or critical needs across institutions, structures, systems, sectors, coalitions, and organizations can help hold civil society together.  This tool helps prioritize civic engagement activity/action as we navigate extended and evolving chaos/disruptions/crises.  People, groups, and coalitions can triage or prioritize civic action for helping people help each other, for holding together vulnerable institutions, and for making transformation as multiple crises evolve – as there are economic shifts, as budgets change at every level, as laws are passed, as codes and mandates change, through system interruptions and cascading effects, and through human suffering and loss.  This tool helps with system level thinking for action prioritization through cause, effect, interdependencies; and for alignment with shared objectives, goals, and strategy.

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Details on how to use this and the other 15 civic engagement tools are under construction as we're a brand-new nonprofit, created in the summer of 2020 to deal with multiple crises in the US.  More information on this tool is coming ASAP!
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More details, discussion, and examples on how to use this tool in the tagged resources below.  Some of the resources below show how you can combine the 15 civic engagement tools, and/or how they can be applied to the 10 structural areas.

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tool - prioritize & triage action
VIDEO: Community Conversations (A Tool)

Having "Community Conversations" is one of the core of the 15 civic engagement tools that can help Shift the Country. These conversations can be online or in-person or both, & single events or a series. They can help us with solving problems & building resilience where we are - like for the pandemic - and also things like re-imagining public safety and racial justice. 9/3/2020. This video is tied to several Shift the Country tools because it relates to several of them - and it is a key tool for doing civic engagement, if not made more challenging by the pandemic.  Still, there are ways to make it work, to solve community problems, to drive community agendas, and to help people help each other through.

VIDEO: How Do We Hold US Through The Inauguration?

So the US President isn't willing to commit to a peaceful transition of power. Now what? We have options for everyday actions. It's more than voting, and it's more than protesting. Check this out to find out more (also we do know how to spell - major typo in the video chyron though). 9/24/20. This video was livestreamed to our Shift the Country FB Page as well.

VIDEO: Powering Through Upcoming Chaos & Loss

The world between now & the inauguration in the US is going to be like nothing we've ever seen. It's going to take everything we've got to get through it. This is a bit of how to do that. 9/25/20.