“We offer service.  Service to others.  There is no higher purpose." - Socrates, in the movie Peaceful Warrior


The primary mission of is to help you, your people, and your organization(s) navigate disruption; to get through.  We do this better when we can see and assess the risk landscape, and take action to chart our own paths through it.

We do three related things. 


ONE:  We do consulting and coaching for any person or organization. 

It can be done under either the Shift the Country nonprofit umbrella or under the Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC umbrella as best fits.  It can be in the form of sessions, ongoing consulting, retainers, workshops, webinars, conferences, broadcasts, or speaking engagements.  All work is remote at this time. Contact us or email to get started.

All individual coaching is offered at inclusive pricing rates.  A blog post with more info is here.  Individual coaching can help you be more effective in doing good where you are, finding your resonance, being politically active, or looking after yourself or others more effectively - especially in times of crises.

Here are the consulting and coaching areas:

Services are also anchored in the 25 focus areas.  You or your organization may be interested in one area, in a few, or in working through all of the 25 focus areas over a period of time.  We anchor and flank.


TWO:  The brand-new nonprofit previously hosted here is called Shift the Country, created in this moment of great disruption to help people help each other through several crises happening at once, to get voters engaged, to hold civil society together in this country while we get through, and to make structural transformation along the way.  That’s the mission.  Tons more all over this website on that, on signing up, and on supporting the shift.

Pretty much everything on has been shifted to help make shift happen, especially given the set of crises and catastrophes facing the US in the summer and fall of 2020.


THREE: provides free resources and tools built around 25 focus areas, with a free toolbox that can help anyone or any organization counter fear. 

Free tools, resources, and inclusive coaching pricing are made possible by coaching and consulting work.  New Shift the Country content, tools, broadcasts, stories, examples, and inspiration to come will hopefully be funded by people + organizations supporting the shift.

More About Why All Of This Can Be Helpful

Mostly, everything here at was created in anticipation of something like this moment in time. 

And in this moment, we have multiple simultaneous disasters plus a pandemic hitting the US all at once, combined with emerging tyranny, a push toward nationalistic oligarchy, the erosion of truth, increasing division and discord, foreign interference, and an increasingly unstable democracy.  So:  everything here can help with all of that. 

We're in a great disruption.  If we have any luck charting our way through it -- which is a large part of what Shift the Country is about -- we might just be able to turn that into a Great Transformation.

Plus there's the day-to-day disruption, which can come in the form of opportunity, economic shifts, politics, new funding, natural disaster, an active shooter, technology changes, budget challenges, member or employee changes, a mission shift, new missions, a service outage, other business interruptions, civil unrest, and so on.  Sometimes risk is staring us in the face, and we miss it.  For example, like being a major credit monitoring company, and completely failing to mitigate risks that are key to your business's long term viability. Or being in total and complete denial about how science, viruses, and public health work.

You can mitigate your risk of becoming a news story and a danger to your own people/citizens/clients by doing exactly that:  mitigating risk.  You can lead change, evaluate your organization's risk landscape, prioritize and triage, strategically mitigate risk, and/or put basic repeatable processes in place to address disruption over time.

Just because there's chaos doesn't mean there aren't very good, proven, effective ways through it.

And here's perspective for the long term.  For the possibility of transformation; within so much challenge.  Thought leader Chris McGoff says this in this TEDx video:

"I want to meet you out here.  I want to be moved by your passion.  I want to be inspired by your moral courage; and I want to engage with you, fiercely, in the most senior conversations on the planet."

We find ways forward.  That's how we get it done. That's what this work is for.

Light it up.


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