Create Something Like A Phenomenon


This country is in a giant pivot.  A reckoning.  A disruption; and it will intensify.  What happens in the fall and winter of 2020-2021 will change our future – and not just the election results.  Americans are fighting for our lives, the lives of the people we love, our safety, and a fair shot at getting through.  At every level, elected officials, governments, and institutions are often not helping us survive, stay alive, and thrive as best they could.  The democracy is at risk (more on that in the other sections via the main Shift the Country page).

The US needs action, coalitions, ideas, and empowerment now.  The Shift the Country framework can help catalyze organic, structural, systemic action and transformation in US communities as we find our way through, together.

We can create something like a phenomenon.  A shift to a different future.  A path through to the other side.  That phenomenon can help people and organizations interest and engage disinterested, disengaged, disenchanted people to get involved in helping each other through, holding society together, and making change along the way.

We create that phenomenon much like a virus turns into an outbreak.  Or a pandemic.

The elements in the 5-part strategy on the main Shift the Country page combined in both the real-world and online activate and amplify feedback loops of social networks to ramp up attention, action, creativity, ideas, and buzz – and more civic engagement and shift.  Both coordinated and organic engagement activity, messaging, and sensation create virtual and real-world effects that are noticeable and helpful in crises; effects that people talk about with friends, relatives, and connections.  It’s activity and messaging that highlights lived Democratic values in a crisis; action that serves more Americans, in better ways.

The synergy, spirals and feedback loops build exponential growth.  They can be amplified strategically and organically, by people and funding.  More exponential growth drives more phenomenon.

The phenomenon can be a beacon of hope, humanity, and strength that motivates and inspires Americans to get invested, to get more engaged, and to vote.  People helping each other also helps keep more people alive.  And it’s not just a beacon.  Our now-unstable democracy needs as many people as possible to help carry it forward.  This framework helps us get more people engaged with so many more things.  A thriving, flouring democracy needs that.  We need that.

LINKS.  || Shift the Country || I'm In! Sign Me Up || How Can I Support All This Shift? || 15 Tools For Doing Helpful Things || 10 Structural Areas For Action Anywhere || Printable Shift the Country Framework || FB || Twitter || Videos & Broadcasts || YouTube || Workshops & Scheduled Livestreams ||

MORE.  PATREON and GOFUNDME support help us make more shift happen faster.  This flexible framework here has flexible ways to use the 15 tools and to mix + match them with the 10 structural areas.  This page is an excerpt from the printable Shift the Country white paper.  Help us share this stuff everywhere with everyone you know & totally raise an absolute ruckus.  Thank you.  Good luck.