How Can I Help Make This Shift Happen?

We're Actively Crowdfunding

We're also brand new!  We need major help fast to make serious huge big shift happen.

There's no other funding other than the crowdfunding. 

The more funding we can get, the more change we can catalyze, with wider reach.

We’ll grow this urgent initiative as funding allows.  The Shift the Country framework can help catalyze organic, structural, systemic action and transformation in US communities.  Money helps get more material out to a larger audience faster for a better shot at a larger impact sooner.  Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.

Other Urgent Ways to Make Shift Happen

It takes a team, and it takes all the things.  All the things. 

We need funding, obviously, especially to make really big shift happen. 

We also need all of you. 

Because of the mission (main page), because of the framework, because of how tipping points work, and because shift isn't going to happen if PEOPLE don't make it happen.

Start Using The Tools To Engage With Everything -

  • Find ways to use the 15 tools for doing helpful things yourself or with a group - even an ad-hoc group. 
  • Use the tools for doing helpful things and the structural areas to assess what's happening where you are - and where there are gaps that need action.  Even though the tools are not finished (they're in a summary list only for now), you can do general assessments... and probably find something to get started on.

Sign Up -

  • Sign up for the movement - join the team.  It's not a newsletter.  It's a starting point for getting involved in whatever this evolves into.

Tell Your Stories -

  • One of the 15 tools for doing helpful things is storytelling. Stories fit the strategy - they help us raise an absolute ruckus, and to spread it around everywhere through our social networks.
  • Storytelling generates empathy, and people can tell stories anywhere - online, to the media, to groups, in memes, in videos, on social media, and so on.
  • You don't have to wait for us to put out a tool on this - you can just start.  Look at the stories that are out there that need to be told.  Find ways to do it, and help other people do it, too.
  • If you're looking for examples... consider how powerful stories are that are coming out of COVID wards, or from people who lost their job, or from people who won't protect your safety and that of the people around you.
  • More examples:  see the #MeToo movement, or how powerful video is in helping to advocate for #BlackLivesMatter.
  • We need the stories, in all the ways.
  • As funding allows,, we're going to want to start telling the stories of how you are using the  tools for doing helpful things out around the country.  Contact Us if you've got a story to share.

Amplify All The Things -

  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter at @ShiftTheCountry & share our posts.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel!
  • Connect us with your people.  Anything you can share about shifting the country can help get the word out.  Let folks know about the movement, how to get involved, our workshops, and what we're planning to do. 
  • Share stuff in groups & communities for wider reach.
  • Talk to those who may be willing to support us financially or otherwise & let them know how they can help.
  • Reach out to media and left-leaning media and organizations to let them know what we're doing, or what you're doing.  Or, identify stories out in the real world that line up with the 15 tools for doing helpful things and invite them to cover it.
  • Help us get "super-spreaders" involved (for content, not coronavirus), or let them know about this effort (more in creating something like a phenomenon, and spreading ruckus far and wide - creating tipping points).

Hire us -

  • Paying clients help make the work here possible.
  • Check out the Services page.  "We offer service.  There is no higher calling" - from the movie Peaceful Warrior.
  • We do a range of consulting and coaching as appropriate under the nonprofit or under the consulting organization.  Coaching can help you be more focused, more effective, more grounded, or whatever you need to help you Shift the Country or to otherwise to good in the world.  There's also inclusive pricing for coaching to help make it more available to everyone.


Be safe.  There are ways through.  We find them together.

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