Proposal to Shift the Country

Engage With Everything:  A Call For Mass Action To Hold The U.S. Together, To Help Each Other Through, & To Make Change

2020 Adaptation

As of November 2020, the Shift the Country work here is ramping up as we can with Patreon and GoFundMe support to help deal with the massive disruptions in the US through the winter and into the spring of 2021.

As such, this Proposal to Shift the Country (141 pages) is published here for reference for the Shift the Country initiative rolled out for widespread use at the same time.  The compiled material, context, background, strategy, and thinking in this proposal may be helpful for individuals, organizations, alliances, advocacy campaigns, businesses, or others making shift happen.

A much shorter white paper has an overview of the Shift the Country framework, and is updated for the fall 2020 risk landscape.

This October, 2020 proposal adaptation for public release removed content no longer relevant for use, and clarified Section 13 – The Social Contract, Institutions, Federalism, & Government.  No updates were made for context, news, or situations that have developed since the original completion in April, 2019.  Tools from Section 17 – The Toolbox are now available here.


The original Proposal to Shift the Country was completed April 24, 2019.  Most of the original 208-page document was published on this website from July 2019 - May 2020.  The methodology was originally designed to help make shift happen in rural America to help shift the path of this country long term.  The Proposal to Shift the Country compilation heavily informs the current Shift the Country work and methodology.  Once the COVID-19 pandemic became clear, the Shift the Country focus shifted, and the original document was taken down.

This Shift the Country white paper is an updated quick framework and summary of the work for the new Shift the Country initiative to help us navigate with multiple crises - including the pandemic and a number of issues challenging the stability of the US.  We are now using our methodology for civic engagement action and spread through social networks to help people help people get through this crisis, to help engage voters, to help stabilize this country, to hold together its institutions, and to make some transformation while we find our way to the other side.

Two posts address the moment itself... The Great Transformation, about the time that's now; and this one on knowing a US catastrophe would be bad and getting ready for it.  Two more get into risks and vulnerabilities... Why, and There Is No National Coordination System - There Are 12.  More backstories here.


We are pursuing funding through various means, including Patreon and GoFundMe. 

Income from coaching and consulting can also help support this civic engagement work. 

We have identified 15 tools for doing helpful things to start with that can help us get through this pandemic.  We plan to do podcasts, virtual workshops, Facebook Lives, and other outreach to help get the word out - and to help people use the tools as we get this going.

We are also growing an online community on Discord (coming soon) to help navigate this disruption / transformation.  Should be super cool... text chats + lounge + voice + video + events + planned hangouts to help us make shift happen.  Ties to this civic engagement work, plus the core stuff here for the moment - connection, community, problem-solving, resilience.  Coming ASAP.

There are ways through.  We find them together.

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