Proposal to Shift the Country

A Strategy to Win the US Senate & Electoral College in 2020


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The Proposal to Shift the Country: A Strategy to Win the US Senate & Electoral College in 2020 was completed April 24, 2019, and pitched to several organizations over two months.  This website page was built June 15, 2019; this publication is the first public release of sections of the Proposal to Shift the Country.

The best summary of this work is here, "Growing Something Like A Phenomenon," as a 2-pg PDF handout or a blog post.

More than half of the 208-page Proposal to Shift the Country is published here.  Published sections are posted in both mobile-friendly blog post formats and as PDFs. 

Sections marked with a (*) need further consideration or development prior to public release, or will be further developed as tools and resources to help us grow this movement to Shift the Country.  There are 71 pages of tools outlined in the proposal that are not published yet; development and release of the tools is tied to the success of the fundraising.  These tools will be the heart and soul of the work, and a key to how we can foster and create tipping points in the places where we live.

Support to Shift the Country will help with development, posting, sharing, and amplifying of the tools.  The goal is to have tools in usable formats out and available for people to start using in the communities where they live in the winter of 2019-2020.  Publishing part of this work puts a stake in the ground, and helps us build a foundation to work from.

The "Proposal to Shift the Country" Document

Proposal to Shift the Country, © Copyright Vanessa R. Burnett and Wicked Problem Wayfinding, LLC, April 2019.  All rights reserved.  Adoption, distribution, & use with permission only.

Available proposal sections are linked at the base of the page as mobile-readable blog posts.  PDFs are listed here for the same sections:

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This page is fundraising for the Shift the Country PAC, a federal Super PAC working to help win rural America in the 2020 election.  Not authorized by any party, candidate, or candidate’s committee. 

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