Proposal to Shift the Country

The Proposal to Shift the Country was completed April 24, 2019.  Most of the 208-page document was published on this website from July 2019 - May 2020.  The methodology was originally designed to help make shift happen in rural America to help shift the path of this country long term.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus has shifted.

We are now using our methodology for civic engagement action and spread through social networks to help people help people get through this crisis, to help stabilize this country, to hold together its institutions, and to make some transformation while we find our way to the other side.  Two posts address the moment itself... The Great Transformation, about the time that's now; and this one on knowing a US catastrophe would be bad and getting ready for it.  Two more get into risks and vulnerabilities... Why, and There Is No National Coordination System - There Are 12.

We are pursuing funding opportunities and will be setting up crowdfunding to support our civic engagement work to Shift the Country.  Income from coaching and consulting can also help support this civic engagement work.  We have identified about 10 civic engagement tools to start with that can help us get through this pandemic; we're working on releasing the first few ASAP.  We plan to do podcasts, virtual workshops, Facebook Lives, and other outreach to help get the word out - and to help people use the tools as we get this going.

We are also growing an online community on Discord to help navigate this disruption / transformation.  Should be super cool... text chats + lounge + voice + video + events + planned hangouts to help us make shift happen.  Ties to this civic engagement work, plus the core stuff here for the moment - connection, community, problem-solving, resilience.  Coming ASAP.

There are ways through.  We find them together.

For More Information...

If you are interested in our original 208-page Proposal to Shift The Country, contact us with your information and interest in it.  Thank you.

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