Tools to Shift the Country

This page is intended as a starting point to post tools to help Americans everywhere Shift the Country.  Tools are posted below as blog posts (coming soon), and are also in The Blog (soon) tagged as "Shift the Country - Tools."

  • 71 pages of unpublished tools are outlined or listed in the Proposal to Shift the Country.  These need to be developed into tools people and groups can use.
  • A few tools are also highlighted in published sections, although they alse need to be fully developed.

With financial support, the goal is to get as many tools as possible developed, published, marketed, shared, and otherwise amplified by WINTER 2019-2020... so that people all over the country can use the tools where they live.

The best summary of this initiative is here, "Growing Something Like A Phenomenon," as a 2-pg PDF handout or a blog post.

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This page includes a fundraising solicitation for the Shift the Country PAC, a federal Super PAC working to help win rural America in the 2020 election.  Shift the Country PAC is a federal Super PAC working on the 2020 election.  Not authorized by any party, candidate, or candidate’s committee.


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