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This is not a sign-up for a newsletter*.  It's a sign-up to be on the Team, to drive the action, to take action, to be an amplifier, to lead, to follow, to learn stuff, to problem-solve, and to try new things.  We're working to Shift the Country - to make a great transformation.  We keep iterating so it's taken a while to reach out to everyone, but it's coming.  Shift is getting pretty real up in this country and we need to drive it in some better directions.

This work was created for a time of disruption with multiple simultaneous disasters.  We can help each other find ways through, to survive, to get voters engaged, to help hold this country together, and to make transformation along the way while we get through to the other side.

You can get involved where you live in the real world or online, and/or help with the effort in regional or national ways.  As of June 2020, Shift the Country is organizing as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, for social good.  Much shift to come.

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Our day-to-day stuff is on social media:  Counterfear FB Page, Shift the Country FB Page
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The work here has mostly shifted to shifting the country so there is not a separate sign-up.  Also seriously we are really not into spammy newsletters so what we send will be rare but hopefully substantive and useful.
Contributions will help us get as many tools as possible developed, published, marketed, shared, and otherwise amplified... so that people and groups all over the country can use the tools where they live to get shift moving.