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This Sign-Up Has Moved

The work here has mostly shifted to shifting the country.

This is a sign-up to be on the Team, to drive the action, to take action, to be an amplifier, to lead, to follow, to learn stuff, to problem-solve, and to try new things so we get different effects.  We're fixing to make shift happen.

Why It's Time To Sign Up

In reality, we never wanted to use an email list, because we're really not into spammy newsletters.  The plan was to only send rare info out.  That was the pre-massive-chaos plan.  We'd originally planned to use this list in case of The Big One. 

Well, we're there. It's defnitely The Big One - whatever that is.

The US is in multiple simultaneous disasters, a catastrophic pandemic, an array of national security crises, fractured realities, misinformation at scale, and a former president and a related new movement damaging the country in unprecedented ways too complicated to summarize.  We're not mitigating climate change.  The republic is endangered.  There's a land war in Europe.  The challenges before us are monumental. 

Shift is getting pretty real up in this country, and we need to drive it in some better directions.  This work was created for a time of disruption with multiple simultaneous disasters.  We can help each other find ways through, to survive, to get voters engaged, to help hold this country together, and to make transformation along the way while we get through to the other side.

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