3 Clear Ways To Counter Fear

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Friday, January 3, 2020

We're at nothing short of an enormous moment. Tonight, the United States of America took out the second most senior official of Iran.

A lot of fear stirring out there. I've got some too. THERE'S STUFF YOU CAN DO IN THIS MOMENT.

What's happening in Iran is not likely to de-escalate, but rather to escalate. Possibly exponentially. Possibly fast. Australia is in nothing short of a massive wildfire catastrophe. The United States is on the precipice of a reckoning itself, to see if its Constitution, institutions, and checks and balances will hold. Including an upcoming presidential election where everything possible is at stake - and where there are threats to election security, a failure to act to secure it, and threats to election interference, including by the administratrati on running the government.

Related to Iran, initial reports on the internet are already showing heightened US law enforcement awareness.

Behind the scenes, the machinations of government are ramping up: the national security apparatus, the homeland security apparatus, continuity of government (COG) activities, continuity of operations programs (COOP), various other postures of different things, alert levels. What gets monitored, what we watch, intelligence, extra diligence all over the place, and whatnot.

A lot of it is quiet. Behind the scenes. Quite a bit will be classified. Not all. Some of it will make it out into the public. Such as the law enforcement activity. There are fusion centers for law enforcement and intelligence activity and operations, operations centers for things like critical infrastructure, and emergency coordination centers all over the country that will be in a heightened stance at least for the next few days -- if not for an extended period.

This isn't fear-mongering. This is situational awareness. You need to recognize and see the risk landscape to effectively deal with the risk.

That's why organizations across the entire United States are ramping up. Now. It's prudent.

The risk landscape just completely changed.

There Is Stuff You Can Do


DON'T FREAK OUT. Are you safe where you are? Good. Are most if not all of your people safe? Good. Are some of them in the military, or law enforcement? Okay. They are probably highly trained. They are ready for stuff like this. First Responders? Same thing.

People in the continental United States are probably pretty safe for now. We're in the early stages of this.

You can really help by not freaking out. By helping other people not freak out. By finding things to help you calm down. There are a ton of ways to not freak out. To counter fear.

If you need backup, I do coaching in this area. It's all about countering fear, dealing with risk, and building resilience.

We've got this. We can get through it.



Seriously. Just don't do it.

This includes all of this crap about creating diversions. Everyone all the time with this administration is talking about how they are creating a diversion so we don't see their consistent, persistent criming and corruption.

Here's my point. How does talk about diversion as a possible reason for it help this situation? Because shit just got more real. Not that it wasn't real already, but it just got way more realer. We can spend time on things that have real-world impact. We need to.

What's happening with Iran was probably inevitable with this administration. I'm amazed it took this long. But none of that changes the fact that NOW this is the moment we're in - and it could get very serious very fast.

We need to deal with the moment, to get resilient, and to take care of business. Not spend time on why it happened (i.e., as a possible diversion). Lord in heaven, but the left has to win the election this fall. Let's work on that for starters, and talk less about diversions.

Because from here on out it's going to get crazier.



Because from here on out it's going to get crazier.

Resilience helps us bounce back when chaos strikes. We can never get to 100% security. We can *always* get more resilient. Because we never know what's coming.

Resilience isn't something you buy. It's something you build.

If you haven't been building it... get on it. At home. At work. At school. Wherever the places are that you need to be. With your people.

Because from here on out it's going to get crazier.

And if you don't know how to get more resilient, hire me. I'm not even kidding. This is what I do.


We do it together.

Because from here on out it's going to get crazier. I'm not repeating it to be punchy.

I'm repeating it so we're ready.



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