3 Things To Demand From Legislators

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wondering what to demand from your legislators? Please share widely.

These 3 federal authorities & capabilities are not being fully used. People will die. Full use of these 3 things can help us have less people die.

Every American, mayor, city council member, county executive, & governor can demand:

The federal government should fully execute these 3 existing capabilities to help state & local governments NOW -

1 -- THE STAFFORD ACT. Emergency declarations requested by Governors need to be approved now. Funds need to move to states now. Mission taskings to federal agencies need to be assigned now. Where is the $50 billion that was promised? Why are declarations not being approved?

2 -- THE DEFENSE PRODUCTION ACT. Wartime / pandemic emergency capability for federalized private sector mass production of equipment & goods for crisis. We're in one. The Trump Administration is trying to leverage & threaten the private sector with this rather than activating it. It's too little & it's piecemeal. The lack of massive equipment / supply availability means states, locals, & private sector are all competing for critical national resources. It also means delays in getting critical equipment/supplies. We need this stuff NOW.

3 -- THE STRATEGIC NATIONAL STOCKPILE. This capability was created for a crisis exactly like this. The Trump Administration is not distributing it to states now when it is needed & requested.


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