A More Open World: Navigating Social Media Overwhelm

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Overwhelmed by social media? The thing is, people were ugly before. What's changed is that now we are seeing it. We are in a more open world. We can see more of the ugliness that we may not have seen before. It's a mirror. We now see the dark sides that people sometimes purposefully kept hidden. We see the meanness. The awful stories get shared wider.

It doesn't mean they aren't true. It doesn't mean people are making them up. It means we are seeing parts of humanity. And we are seeing more of the parts of humanity than we ever could before. Everyday we can see more.

We are also seeing community, partnership, people helping each other, resilience, strength, love, support. We are building connections and sharing hope. Sharing action. There are amazing things happening that were never possible before, too. And those things are happening more every day as well.

Connection amplifies. We're doing it together.

Yeah I'm an idealist. And I'm damn well okay being that way. We can bring light to the darkness. But it's harder to do if we don't see where it is. So we evolve. It's totally possible, we do it everyday, and we do it together.

It's what we're here for.


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NOTE:  This piece was also published on the Counterfear Facebook page here.

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