A Prayer for Election Day

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

And so it begins.  US Election Day 2016.  Years in the making.

May we be wise in our choices, and peaceful in our response.  May we find acceptance.  May we find peace and harmony, and not chaos and disruption.  May we find love in our families and in our communities; even after seeing all that we have.  May we create harmony where we find discord.  May we build connection, and re-build it where needed.  May we be open.  May we be vessels for good.

All this we ask in your name, and in the name of us all.  Peace be with us.

From here we go forward.  From here we make choices.

From here we follow a new path.  May that path be one of radiance, of vision, and of light.

And so we begin.

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