Alloys Forged in the Fires of Fracture

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The fractures on the “social pages” these days are, perhaps unusually, reflective of the fractures spreading elsewhere – between friends and families, and within communities.

As an example, recent news says that Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz complained that his acquaintances on Martha’s Vineyard don’t invite him over to hang out anymore because he supports the POTUS, and opposes the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller.  My teen-aged nephew might respond “tear!” and then do the motion for a tear falling from his eye.  Many of us have grieved shifting relationships – but have at the same time made very deliberate choices in the shifts.  And so the fractures spread.

It isn’t just fractures that are spreading.

Something else is spreading.

New connections, and new communities.  Relationships anchored in shared values, and shared missions.

These are connections forged by fire – with perhaps more fire to come.  They are bonds made of alloys we create as we go, bringing new strength for new challenges.

It’s different Kintsukuroi, which is a Japanese art form that means “to repair with gold.”  In Kintsukoroi, a broken pot can be reassembled with gold, and is perhaps more beautiful than the original.

In this case, we are creating something new entirely, with all new alloys.

We will always find a way forward.  There is a path to be lit – and we do it together.


Looking for help finding a way forward?  Creating new alloys?  Check out private coaching at inclusive pricing ratesThere are ways to navigate this, to stay grounded, and to do some good while we're at it.

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NOTE:  This piece is based on a Counterfear Facebook page post on July 5, 2018.

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