America The More Vulnerable (Why I March)

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Big day for the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Nationwide protests of its activities.

  • Federal Protective Service, or FPS, which is in NPPD in DHS, is responsible for Federal building security across the US. This is part of the Government Facilities critical infrastructure sector - one of 16 such sectors. Since many of the protests are based around Federal buildings, this will be a busy agency today.
  • OPS, or Office of Operations Coordination, will be monitoring events across the US in the National Operations Center, or NOC, at DHS headquarters in Washington, DC.
  • All due to DHS' ICE, or Immigration & Customs Enforcement, activity on the southern border separating immigrants and asylum seekers from their kids, and CBP, or Customs & Border Protection (CBP) actions at Ports of Entry blocking asylum seekers from legal entry.

I worked at DHS for 9 years. I touched or worked for every one of these agencies or offices. I didn't do it so that we would have a day like this.

This doesn't make America stronger. This makes us more vulnerable.

Our enemies will see the protests and unrest.

The activity today, in addition to the recent focus on immigration enforcement at the southern border at scale, plus widespread general deportations, shifts resources away from attention to high-risk threats to national security, tracking and prosecuting or removing potential terrorists and drug cartel leaders, and reducing drug trafficking, child pornography, money laundering, and human trafficking.

DHS will spend today monitoring protests by US citizens brought on by actions the department itself has taken in violating due process and the Constitutional rights of asylum seekers.

9/11 brought great fear, as terrorism is intended to do. We created DHS to help us navigate the world we found ourselves in.

It wasn't meant to create vulnerabilities.

This is why I march.


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