Charlottesville: What Would Your City Do?

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

A white supremacist rally was declared unlawful after turning violent today in Charlottesville, VA, and an emergency declaration was issued by the governor.

My sense is that we will see more of this. The POTUS will not denounce it. Racists will feel emboldened. Many took video of the police lines after they donned riot gear, which they will use to spread their racism and hatred of the government, saying they had a legal right to protest. Which they did - until it got violent.

Under the Constitution, mayors and governors are ultimately responsible for their cities and states.

What will your city do in such a situation? You can find out, and get involved in shaping the world that's coming.

We will all need to #HoldTheLine and keep this county together. There's more to come.


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NOTE:  This was originally published on the Counterfear Facebook page.
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