Countering Fear & 9/11: A Community Radio Conversation

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Click on the graphic below to hear KHOI's "Heart of Iowa" 9/15/16 Community Radio Show

I’ve spent kind of a ridiculous amount of time this year thinking about 9/11.  The fact that I think that that is ridiculous is a little absurd, because my life and career have been pretty focused on 9/11 since the day. 

I keep thinking I am getting some distance.  Maybe I’m finally making progress.  Last week, after the fifteen-year 9/11 anniversary, I wrote "Light From the Darkness: The Day After 15 Years After 9/11." 

A few days later on September 15, I had the great honor of doing a one-hour community radio interview on the show “Heart of Iowa,” on KHOI in Ames, Iowa.  Our conversation was all about 9/11, and the concept of countering fear.  The host of the show, Ursula Ruedenberg, was actually a few blocks from the World Trade Center on 9/11.  Ursula was the first non-first-responder I have ever talked to about the experience of being there when it happened.  It was quite something.  I am very grateful to Ursula for sharing a piece of her experience, and so publicly.  These stories are sacred.  We need to hear them.

Our conversation was a tough discussion, because we came right to the very heart of fear itself.  Terror.  When fear strikes hot and brings us to our rawest and most vulnerable, what do we do?  I’m not sure I had a great answer; in the midst of a talk that was so emotional and so personal. 

I’ve been thinking about that since, and it’s only been a few days.  In this short period of time, the US has been hit with at least three terror attacks - in MN, NJ, and NY.

I don’t know the answers.  Here is what I do know:  acceptance of risk and of fear itself is part of how we move forward and deal with it.  It is not a 100% solution.  But it’s a start.  It’s a tool.  One of the ways we can deal with terrorism is to accept it.  To accept the unacceptable. 

If you have a chance to listen to our community radio conversation, it would be fascinating to hear your reaction in the comments.  And thank you.  We need to remember.

We hold the space.

CounterFear on KHOI


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