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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I like the space on social media because we can see how much other people really very deeply care about this country. What I see here is some very thoughtful work in so many ways about how to turn the tide. We are connecting and sharing and commiserating. It is quite beautiful. It is quite something. We are learning and we are evolving.

I mean the thing is, there are a hell of a lot of us. I find strength in that. Solidarity. But I also find hope and light. I know there's a way forward because while we have seen some awful stuff, we have also seen our own humanity. People with hearts and minds and dedication to each other and to this country.

We are everywhere.

The vision we have is powerful. I have done much grieving, but I have also done much imagining. There is light here. We find it through conversations. We find it through action.

We will damn well find a way forward. Keep the faith.



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NOTE:  This piece was also published on the Counterfear FB page via a post on my personal FB page.

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