Guam, North Korea, & a Nuclear Threat

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Friday, August 11, 2017

I have never been to Guam, but I have twice been on teams whose job it is to look after it in some way. At South Ops in Riverside, CA, the South Pacific was in our emergency mobilization area along with southern CA, and we supported response for numerous typhoons at the time. At US Dept. of the Interior headquarters, we maintained situational awareness of all of the Insular Areas daily.

Perhaps Pacific wisdom can help us all in this time.

Shamans in Hawaii have since ancient times prayed together when a tsunami was enroute. They did not pray to stop it, but rather to shift its energy. To dissolve its destructive power. To diffuse some of the power in the energy.

We can also hold space. For Guam. For POTUS and North Korea. And for all of those advising these two leaders, who are running on temper, ego, and bravado.

There is always another path. May we all see it emerge.


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