He's Got Space Dementia!

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

"He's got space dementia!"

It's a silly quote from the absurd not-quite-an-apocalypse movie, Armageddon. Here we are in our own not-quite-an-apocalypse (I don't think it will be a full one), and we have people making some really, really bad decisions - or no decisions at all. At every level.

This abysmal decision-making is not because of some imaginary, made-up thing, like in the movie.

Some of it is clearly political. Some of it is clearly not understanding science. Some of it is ego. Some of it is willful ignorance. Some of it is blind, raging stupidity. Much of it is not understanding complex systems.

A lot of it is denial.

One of the reasons I've been going on about how serious this is for the last month is because I want to help people have less denial. The less denial we can have now, the better we can act. The clearer decisions we can make. The more lives we can save. Possibly our own. Possibly those of the people we love.

Denial is a demobilizer. Denial keeps us frozen in place.

I'll say it again.

THIS PANDEMIC IS A CATASTROPHE. It IS worse than it looks. It WILL get much worse than it already is. FAST. It will stay bad for a pretty long time, as it spreads again in waves.

I talked with a friend about it last night. Just to get her updated take. Generally. She said, "Yes, I hope it's not as bad as you've said. What I'm afraid of is that you're right." What I know is that my friend and her family are all acting appropriately. Making decisions that correlate with the worst-case scenarios. They're not banking on the hope part.

That's good disaster decision-making.

See what you can do to shake your own elected representatives (and whoever else) out of their denial. And I mean the local ones, not just the state and federal ones. The locals are our last line of defense.

I'm working on it, too.

Good luck. Be safe out there.

As my old hotshot superintendent used to say, "don't get dead."

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