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Monday, October 2, 2017

This quote is from a witness in the Las Vegas mass shooting. 

His name is Anthony, filmed with his girlfriend Dillon. He was interviewed by Jo Ling Kent, NBC News Correspondent at 8:05 p.m. Las Vegas time, 10/2/2017, on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams on MSNBC:

“It’s time to stop the hate… it’s time to unify as a people. I think we’ve seen enough of this, you know. It needs to take more than a president; and it needs to take more than a shooting to split us as American people. There’s no room for hate anymore in this country and if you have any of it in your heart, you have to come forward and talk to somebody and find peace with God or whoever you find peace with. We are wonderful people; great people. And what disturbs me the most is every single soul that I met that night every single smile I gazed upon was peaceful and having a great time. I bumped shoulders with somebody there, and they would say ‘excuse me;’ or ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ That’s really what being human and being an American is about is having manners and coming from a good upbringing and setting a good example to the world. Now is the time."

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Follow Up:  We are seeing a lot of heroic stories come out of this emergency. What would you do in such a crisis? Mary Tyszkiewicz, Ph.D, has created an idea called "Heroic Improvisation" to help us work through scenarios. Check out Heroic Improv on Facebook, or go to the website.

Are you interested in working through what you can do to help in a crisis?  Or a similar situation?  Check out private coaching at inclusive pricing ratesThere is always something to do to help, and to be ready.  We find our way through this world together.

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