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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Join the Accessible Rates Revolution

One of the things about running a business is that you do need to actually bring in money.  It’s a key feature.

The intention of this business is to help people counter fear, and to be able to make a living while doing that.  It is amazing to be able to spread tools and ideas, to be able to create more, and to amplify all of it.

I don’t always like to share my deepest feelings about things, but I’m getting better at it.  To that end, I’ll say right here that I struggle with pricing for services.  For most of my work life since I was sixteen, I have worked in public service.  There have been a few exceptions, but it’s been mostly government.  The bulk of it has been in helping this country get better prepared for disasters.

I say that because I have been working on navigating disruption and creating it for a long time.  I’m pretty good at it.  I’ve usually been paid for it indirectly, though.  People have paid local or state or federal taxes, and I’ve worked for some agency or grant to make things better in some way, or to create innovation to help.  What I’m not used to is the direct pay transaction.

My intention is to be able to provide service to an array of both people and organizations, and not just those who can easily afford it.  When I first learned of life coaching, I studied a variety of free materials from a coach I liked for well over a year before investing in a coaching program - and it was something I thought about and saved up for for that long as well.  I was essentially living month-to-month at that time, as so many of us do for much of our lives.

By the time I finally signed up for a 12-week coaching program, it felt like a pretty big splurge.  In some ways, I was not comfortable investing that kind of money in hopefully finding some deep answers in my own life… yet I really, really wanted to dig in.

In hindsight, the investment I made in that program led to a huge pivot in my life, and put me on the path to where I am now.  It also brought some peace in ways I did not expect, but have been forever grateful for.

I’d like to see coaching be a tool available to folks who need it – and not in a year or two, or longer.  Like NOW-ish.  We’ve got important work to do in the world, and we need to dig in.  We can make more change sooner if we start sooner.  This is what I can do to help make that happen.  I can create the space to help people move the world forward.  Clients who invest in this business help create the space for more.  We can all help each other make the big pivots and find some peace – and we need a whole lot of both.  Again:  like NOW.

I found a pricing model that I fell in love with some time ago and have thought about it at length.  I’ve decided to take the leap and go for it, because it resonates so much with my own mission.  It resonates with my goal to serve.

It’s called “Inclusive Pricing.”

Inclusive Pricing is about being able to serve a wider variety of clients in the near term, in order to help us find some peace, to make small changes and big pivots, to take action – to navigate disruption in a world that is sure to have more of it.  To create disruption where it is needed.  To amplify disruption where we can and where it would help.

The Inclusive Pricing model is adapted from the Inclusive Pricing model created by Deborah Kline of Wellspring Wellness in Ames, Iowa.  After moving to that area and getting settled in, I intended to call Ms. Kline to learn more about the Inclusive Pricing model she offered.  Turns out, I met her well before I realized she was the person I’d been meaning to talk to.  Not bad in a town of 62,000.  Life unfolds in surprisingly powerful ways.

The Inclusive Pricing model here is adapted with permission from the model Deb created.

Inclusive Pricing is launching in October 2017.  As a fire friend says, “lead, follow, or get out of the way.” 

This is a leap – yet it’s a leap that resonates.  Check out our Focus Areas and Services & Pricing and see what resonates for you.

What kind of work resonates for you?  What would you like to dig into?  Check out private coaching at inclusive pricing ratesWe will absolutely find a way forward.  It's time for what's next.

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