Knowledge IS Power: Why We Need the Scientific Method

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Monday, October 22, 2018

I just went on a five minute rant to a local Facebook friend about the scientific method.

Y'all, I've taken three classes in philosophy of science and several in the ethics of science and science-related things. I have done science at work. I have represented the government to talk about science. I have talked to government scientists as a regular part of my work. I have used and applied social sciences.

I don't have a lot of patience for people who refuse to learn things when knowledge is obviously in front of them. We have evolved as a society because we have figured out how to build and share knowledge. If we stop doing that, we are going to stop evolving. It's as simple as that.

I mean, are we done evolving? I'm not.

This is absolutely tied to one of the greatest challenges of our time. Are we going to move forward, bravely, into things we don't even know are coming yet, or are we going to cling to the familiar, and in fact try to go backward?

I always hate to lose friends and connections. I'm pretty sure I'm losing one over this. I'm okay with that.

Because I know which direction I'm going in.


Knowledge, logic, and conversation are key to moving forward.  Holler if you are interested in talking more about any of these, and how to bring more of it all to the world you navigate.  Check out private coaching at inclusive pricing rates.  Consulting is also available.  There are ways to navigate this, to stay grounded, and to do some good while we're at it.

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NOTE:  This piece was also published on the Counterfear Facebook page here, and on my personal page here.

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