Close to Home: Lawmakers Targeted in Alexandria Shooting

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Our strength is our resilience, and it's usually times like these that bring us together and we're always better afterwards. So pray for the continued resilience of the American people and America's leaders." - Representative Eric Swalwell, CA, speaking moments ago

Today I have very little patience for BS. This morning, members of Congress were targeted in a baseball field not far from my home of ten years. The presence of Capitol Police officers and Alexandria Police and their actions clearly saved the day, in the face of heavy gunfire. My thoughts are with everyone who was involved for peace and health and healing.  Such an incident is a trauma for everyone involved.

I have to write because this is my home, and these are my people. I worked in the security and emergency management machine in the Washington, DC area from 2004 to 2015. I worked for the US government for 16 years. These are Americans. We are all souls.

Not long after hearing the news, I started to see social media commentary. Absolutely heartless, stunning, dangerous commentary.

Security saved the day today. Pundits are already saying how we are going to need more of it.

Security can't save every day. We don't have enough money for that... and you can't ever get to 100% secure even if we did.

WE have to save the days. With resilience; with community. We do it by reacting with love and light and other cheesy stuff that's tough as hell to execute. We do it with our language. We do it when we have interactions with integrity. When we listen. When we empathize.

The way forward through our challenges is not the way of fear. It is the way of connection and heart. We have to do the difficult things.


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POSTED:  2017-0615, 1300 hrs Central

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