Fight Conspiracy Theories: The Presidential Alert

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Hey!  Are you concerned by the “presidential alert” today?  Here’s your opportunity to fight rumor-mongering and conspiracy theories…

The president does not have your phone number!  The government doesn’t either!

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) work by broadcasting to cell phone towers.  When it’s like a tornado or an amber alert, it goes to certain counties or a whole state.  In this case, the test alert went to every cell tower in the US.

The president can’t access your phone!  WEA is a partnership between the government and the phone companies to do large-scale broadcasts.  By cell tower.

This president didn’t come up with this!  This capability has been in development since WAY BEFORE this administration.  It’s in a law.  Congress makes the laws.

Not everyone got an alert.  Some phones aren’t enabled, and some cell companies don’t participate.  Also, it was a test.  If you thought you should have gotten an alert but didn't, here is the FCC feedback form.

There is no message charge.

You can’t opt out of a presidential alert.  This was created for public safety reasons, in the case that there would be a need to notify the entire nation of some action related to an attack or catastrophe.

Are you a criminal?  Are you talking to an agent of a hostile foreign government?  Terrorists?

If not, the government would not be monitoring your phone.  To do so requires a law enforcement reason and often a FISA court.

Please #SpreadTheWord.  Facts and truth and conversation are part of how we navigate this challenging world.



** To send feedback, go to the FCC EAS feedback page here.

** Perspective on this test from The Atlantic:  "Trump Is Not Texting You - What should have been a routine, required national test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts system has become a crucible for public distrust."  Link here.

**  Official FEMA alert test info here.

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