Embracing Chaos... Road Trip to the Eclipse

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Woohoo! Up early for eclipse viewing! Drove south yesterday from Iowa to Kansas City, KS. Three states in one day is more challenging in the Midwest than in the DC area... but still less traffic in total numbers.

Hanging with a coaching friend, which rocks. In a bit, we drive north to the "path of totality" in Liberty, MO. Other Iowa family members drove south to St. Joseph, MO and camped in a field... at like "Bob's Campground" (I am not making this up), and another Iowa friend is driving there now.

I feel like in the old Verizon commercial where thousands of people moved en masse to show how the company was so ready everywhere to provide cell coverage. This is like huge swaths of the US moving to these tiny zones within the "path of totality."

The other thing this feels like is in the movies, where space alien tracking fanatics drive their campers to the location of a possible sighting... like in Independence Day, or Muppets from Space. The number of campers and RVs on the interstate yesterday was HIGH. And I totally can't make fun of them... because I am driving down for the same darned thing.

One might think the question is... will the skies be cloudy? But the real question is: exactly how much traffic will there be? Nobody knows how big of a swath of America will try to make it into these thin "path of totality" zones. And will we be able to get gas, and restrooms? More critically.... Diet Coke?

I have a temptation when there are going to be huge crowds and traffic and potential messiness to go into full disaster preparedness mode. Looks like our group has settled on a moderate level, and I've gone with the same. We have food in the car, comfy shoes in case of distance walking, phone charging bricks, and we're attempting to moderate caffeine and fluids.

The thing is, in the city in heavy traffic, there's only so much you can do. We're here for the experience, so today we're fixing to embrace the madness.  :)


What happened later that night:  "Flash Flood Eclipses Eclipse."
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POSTED:  2017-0821, 0713 hrs CDT

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