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Thursday, August 22, 2019

To win in 2020, the left needs to win the heart of rural America. No small feat.

We can do it.

Shift the Country PAC has launched with a mission to help democrats win the US Senate, hold the US House, and get the electoral college votes to win the White House. We're specializing in rural America. It's not the democratic party's strong suit - so we're bringing a fusion of engagement, persuasion, and amplification to make shift happen. DONATE HERE to help! More about why we're unique here.

The left IS the majority. The Shift the Country approach is primarily about ENGAGING the majority. Not just in specific places or states. Everywhere. To reach and engage potentially supportive voters across the entire US. We start in rural places and go out from there – from farm and ranch country to small towns, micro-cities, rural cities, exurbs, suburbia, and metro areas.

For those fighting tirelessly since the 2016 election, Shift the Country tools will bring new ideas and new energy to both engage and persuade our neighbors, connections, & communities - and to amplify the progress we make.

We will provide tools that any person can use to lead in the places where we live – from small towns to cities. The work is anchored in established resistance and campaign work. It complements and expands it, and takes it to the next level. 

The tools to Shift the Country are designed for conversation, solving community problems together, finding shared values to invest time and attention on, taking shared action, advancing local projects for the common good, and identifying community priorities to promote to federal candidates and big-picture agendas. People talking to candidates for federal office can talk to them about the community's priorities and vision, and ask what candidates' can do to help. It brings attention from the national level to the local.

This is about creating shared vision together in the places we live - and taking steps to turn it into reality.

The Shift the Country tools can help us make noticeable real-world change in the places we live – even in the short term. Visible teamwork, progress, and increased community action in rural areas and small cities gets people talking. In this way, the Shift the Country work is intended to create real-world shift, and to facilitate a corresponding shift in sentiment to follow as word gets around. It's intended to help foster 2020 election support via left-leaning action and federal policy priorities that begin to positively impact local people.

We deliberately create tipping points by paying attention to context, stickiness, the people in social networks, the networks themselves, and how communities work. With language; with framing; by listening to what is important to people's hearts; with corresponding attention to values. With coordinated and strategic attention, action, activity, and buzz that can create noticeable shifts and real-world change in communities everywhere… even well before the 2020 election. 

We create tipping points from personal connections in the smallest towns... to cities... to social networks... to viral online phenomena to reach voters everywhere. People seeing and hearing about activity that can actually impact their lives creates shift over time, too - they can become more engaged, or more interested and invested in the stakes.

The sooner we start, the sooner #ShiftHappens. The first major goal is to have a core set of published Shift the Country tools available for use by late fall of 2019, and to have the funding and capacity to spread the word about them for the widest possible use.

The tools are key:

  • The tools help us build common vision and priorities – which can help any community advocate for what they need from candidates running for Senate, for House, or for President.  The tools to Shift the Country help put our shared communities front and center to bring attention to the places where we live.
  • Shift the Country tools can help build faith in the political process for the disenchanted, and help show actual progress for voters who have seen broken promises and who feel passed over by political processes.  Shift the Country tools help left-leaning leaders become fierce advocates for things that people in previously right-leaning areas need.  The left can champion agendas and solutions the republican party won’t lead to help Americans in the places where we live.
  • Tools to Shift the Country can help disarm, diffuse, and de-fuse resentment – and create connection and community in places where contempt has instead been on the rise.
  • Tools can help left-leaning leaders and activists better serve communities, provide moral courage, and lead an ad-hoc, organic movement to Shift the Country from the ground-up.
  • Tools and the Proposal to Shift the Country can help left-leaning leaders and activists use persuasion, language, messaging, framing, values, and amplifying more effectively.  Tools to be published for this work combined with Shift the Country PAC marketing, messaging, and strategic digital advertising can help everyone working the shift on effectiveness and persuasion, while also expanding digital influence and reach.
  • Tools can help build and expand a digital activism component for the movement to increase online influence and reach in all areas of operation to help make shift happen.
  • Combined Shift the Country efforts can help counter foreign election interference influence that is intended to sow discord and division, and to suppress votes - because the Shift the Country tools are intended to help us create engaged, resilient communities actively working on shared objectives both where we live and online.  Strategic digital social media advertising will help too.
  • The Shift the Country tools help with the creative tension between where we are and where we intend to be - a key for leaders at every level seeking to get voters invested in the stakes, committed to act, and sold on voting.

The Shift the Country PAC will help to amplify local engagement from the ground up – and to reinforce it, at scale.  Targeted digital advertising can help drive local engagement and action, amplify efforts, and promote our common goals, vision, and progress.

We CAN #ShiftTheCountry.

We can hold the House, win the Senate, and win the White House.  America can be what we want to make it.  Right where we live.

The Shift the Country PAC is a Super PAC.  We won’t work directly with any party, candidate, or candidate’s committee.

We WILL work directly with Americans everywhere to #MakeShiftHappen.

We'll win the heart of rural America.


"We have the tools... and we have the talent!" - Winston Zeddemore, in the movie Ghostbusters


Details on anticipated expenses & fundraising goals are here:  Funding Specifics To Get Shift Started.  Details on the methodology are in the Proposal to Shift the Country.
This post is a fundraising solicitation for the Shift the Country PAC, a federal Super PAC working on the 2020 election based in rural America.  Not authorized by any party, candidate, or candidate’s committee.
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