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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Holding Out for a Hero

No one person is going to save the day – or the country.  It's not Special Counsel Mueller.  Despite all of the twitterpation since Sunday’s Golden Globes that Oprah could run for “something,” Oprah won’t save the day either.

It's troubling that anytime someone shows up with even a spark of courage and/or leadership that folks jump on the bandwagon hoping that that person can fix everything... and should also run for president.  Yates and Comey are two more examples.

People want a hero.  Some want a strongman hero.  Vox wrote about the rise of authoritarianism, and how the desire for a strongman-hero-type led to Trump.

Here’s the thing:  when we are looking for someone else to fix the world, how much are we not actively working on it ourselves?

Instead:  Move Us Forward

Try this.

The next time you are inclined to look to Mueller or Oprah or someone similar to save the country - or to just lead - instead ask what YOU can do to move us forward.

Ask yourself what you can do to build the world you want to see.

What can you create or strengthen... in your family, or in your school, or in your neighborhood, your church, your town, your office?

So there's a whole lot to be done.  How do you decide what you can do?  Because let's be honest:  focus helps.  You can't do everything.  You can pick a lane, though - or a few of them - and start moving.

Here's a starting point, using an idea from triage.  Start with the core; what's essential.

If things get rough in the US, it will be critical for us to maintain our institutions, our infrastructure, and our economy.  They're the heart of our society.

We can start there.

Look at the institutions and  infrastructure that are around you.  Figure out what resonates for you.  Figure out what is important to your heart; to your corner of the community.

Your heart may be drawn to the to institution that is the election process.  It may be drawn to public safety.  Our infrastructure is the lifeblood of society, along with our economy - both provide the oxygen that keeps everything moving.  Our schools are critical to our future.  Innovation and entrepreneurialism can help us solve big problems, and expand economic development in areas that desperately need an infusion of money, ideas, and energy... from wide open spaces in the country to the inner city.  Our churches bring spiritual grounding.  We have more institutions that do just about anything to keep people alive and that help us thrive.

There are lots of examples - those are just a few.

Look, Mueller can't save the day.  Mueller is one person in the Executive Branch.  He can't convince Congress to take national security seriously.  That's up to them… and they may blow it.

Any one person who runs for president ever is still not more powerful than an entire country made up of citizens working to make that country resilient, innovative, brilliant, and strong.

We aren't going to get there by hoping someone else will do it. 

We're the heroes we've been looking for.  We're the champions who light the path.

We counter our fear when we dig in.

This post has ideas.  Holler if you need more.  Or, check out private coaching at inclusive pricing rates.  There are things to do.  It's time for what's next.

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