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Friday, August 23, 2019

We intend to win the heart of rural America.  It's a big country - we've got tremendous potential to make shift happen.  Lots of highways out there to try out.  Lots of open sky.

As with most journeys, the roads you traverse aren't always direct, obvious, smooth, or fully finished.  Our journey as the Shift the Country PAC has just begun, and it's been an adventure getting this far.  You never know what's around the next corner.  We expect to see great things.  We have few limits.

Highlights from the trip so far:

  • Back Story:  The Shift the Country work evolved from the development of the focus areas, from life, from experience, from graduate school, from a 16-year federal career, from opposition & resistance activity, from growing up in a small town, and from a ton of analysis and research.
  • November 2018 Mid-Term Election:  There's a "blue wave" nationwide, and democrats win the majority in the US House.  Meanwhile, proud white nationalist republican Congressman Steve King is re-elected in rural Iowa in the congressional district where this PAC has since founded.  The fact that people in this district would re-elect this guy led to questions.  How will the left win in 2020 if rural voters don't find Steve King to be problematic?  Could the left even win rural America, & therefore the Senate?  Or the Electoral College?  What would it take?
  • Late November 2018:  Commit to answering the questions above in the next month or two, using savings from prior consulting work.
  • December 2018 - April 2019:  Several months of research, analysis, writing.
  • April 2019:  Two hard copies of the entire unredacted Proposal to Shift the Country shipped to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are confirmed received.  To get a sense for the DNC response, apply the country song lyrics, "Since the phone still ain't ringin'... I assume it still ain't you."
  • May - June 2019:  Pitch the Shift the Country proposal to various large activist and resistance organizations and several presidential campaigns (often in person - this happened in Iowa).
  • July 2019:  Decide to make shift happen one way or the other.  Publish the methodology on this website here:  Proposal to Shift the Country.  Create related social media; publicly announce the work, post some of the story so far here:  Found My Resonance: It's Shifting the Country.
  • July - August July 2019:   Determine that a Super PAC is the best vehicle to get this shift moving.  Assemble a board; create a non-profit corporation to create the PAC.
  • August 8, 2019:  File with the Federal Election Commission as Shift the Country PAC, a federal Super PAC working on the 2020 election, based in rural America.
  • August 9, 2019:  Publicly announce Shift the Country PAC + begin fundraising.
  • August 22, 2019:  Post the first concise summary of the planned Shift the Country work here.
  • August 23, 2019:  Put up this blog post right here.

People are looking for ways to have impacts.  Our plan is to offer ways to engage, persuade, and amplify - and to get those out across the country so people everywhere can help create the shift.

We're on the road to win rural America's heart.


"We do it together.  That's how we get it done." - Michonne, in The Walking Dead


More details on what we'll use funds for are here:  Funding Specifics To Get Shift Started, with a big picture overview in Shift the Country PAC: What We're Here To Do.
This post may serve as a fundraising solicitation for the Shift the Country PAC, a federal Super PAC working on the 2020 election and based in rural America.  Not authorized by any party, candidate, or candidate’s committee.
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