Time To Think Deeper Resilience

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Folks it's time to think deeper resilience.

Put your contingency plans in place. Write down the phone numbers you need. Have backup plans for meeting family and friends. Work on some alternate communication channels. Get secure messaging apps. Figure out where your biggest gaps are for resilience for whatever might be coming and work on those. Plant a garden; even in pots - it's not too late.

Make sure you have some people around you that you can trust. Community and connection. Find ways to take care of each other. Say hi to your neighbors and figure out where you're at with them. If things get funky, you're going to be in this with your neighbors.

Look out for each other. Stick with your integrity. We got here because of a lack of moral clarity and moral courage in at least some of the electorate. We find our way through in part by holding some of both.

Fight safely. Advocate for justice. Fight for people who can't.

See what you can do to keep your wits about you. Don't panic.

We make better decisions if we can stay out of the trauma response. We need clear-headed thinking. It's a disaster. It's a bad one. Actually so far it's a growing set of disasters. It's going to keep getting worse. With that, we've got a heavily eroded federal government led by a degrading and degraded human with a fascist authoritarian streak who is figuring out how to use the vast power at his disposal.

That he figured out that he could bring federal military forces into the District of Columbia because it's not a state means that he's going to figure out other stuff. He also may be figuring out better that a multitude of federal law enforcement agencies are in his direct line of command. Especially if US Park Police behavior in recent days is any indication.

Resilience, connection, community, and problem-solving.

Those four things are important when structures are destabilizing, when institutions are eroded and eroding, and when civil society is in great unrest.

We need to hold it together as best we can. Find an institution and try and keep a piece of it together. See what you can do where you're at locally to help find ways through.

We'll have a better shot long-term at a society that serves all of us if we can hold more of the parts of it together while we go through this chaos.

Chaos can lead to abyss and tyranny. We can opt to not do that. But we need to be specific about not letting that happen. We're not going to stop it by doing the things we've been doing. Clearly those things have not worked. We're going to need some other things. So get ready. Figure some of them out.

This is not for the faint of heart. Not everyone is going to make it. Not everyone can. Some will freeze. Some will lose it. Some will have health issues like, say, a highly infectious and dangerous virus. Just as one example.

We need to pull each other forward. We're all going to have good days and rough days. Or hours.

Be safe. Try not to get dead. And I mean that. You're no good fighting if you don't survive. Put on your own metaphorical oxygen mask before trying to help others. And for heaven's sake wear your actual mask anytime you are around people you don't live with (not effective when worn on your neck).

Now I'm off to to go take my own advice.

Light it up. There are ways through. We have to find them.

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